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Pay Per Post

Pay Per Post – It Works

Further to my earlier posts on Pay Per Post and Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is, I received my first Pay Per Post payment. It all happened rather quickly. I submitted my blog to Pay Per Post on July 30th, it was approved on July 31st and I received my fist payment today, August [...]

A Little Above and A Little Beyond

In an earlier post I mentioned that I was starting a new blog to show my readers how to earn money through Pay Per Post. The Pay Per Post requirement for a blog be accepted into their program is that the blog has to be at least 30 days old with a minimum of 10 [...]

Page Rank and Pay Per Post

There was a comment in the myLot forum that stated that Pay Per Post will only accept blogs with a page rank. While there are some pay for posting sites that only accept ranked blogs Pay Per Post is not one of them. Don’t get me wrong, page rank will definitely improve one’s money making [...]

It Really Works

I decided to take the lazy person’s route to earning money through Pay Per Post. As I mentioned in my Pay Per Post article there are basically 3 ways in which to earn money with them. I’m starting out with the easiest way, that is by referrals. I do fully intend to earn money by [...]

Make Money Blogging with Pay Per Post

Pay Per Post is one of the many ways in which bloggers can earn money with their blogs. One attractive feature that Pay Per Post has is that it offers several ways for a blogger to earn. Option I Bloggers have the option to accept an offer from a Pay Per Post advertiser to submit [...]