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Paid Blogging

Changes at Today.com

I’ve heard rumblings about the goings on over at Today.com. In an earlier post I mentioned how I signed up to blog there. I guess I jumped on the bandwagon just at the right time. Since then there seems to have been some changes. A few of my readers shared pertinent information about their experience [...]

ReviewMe – Another Paid to Blog Site

Some time ago, back in July of this year I signed up for the pay for blogging site ReviewMe. Similar to Pay Per Post and SponsoredReviews, ReviewMe pays bloggers to review products/websites and write about them on their blogs. Apparently when I originally signed up, there were no review offers that matched my blog so [...]

Does the AdNetwork Work?

I came across an ad network (The AdNetwork) that promised to pay $18 (10 British Pounds) just for signing up. There was an additional bonus if you added their code to your site within 72 hours of approval. Not one to turn away free money, I figured what the heck, why not give it a [...]

A Warning about SponsoredReview

If you accept a writing assignment with SponsoredReviews.com, be sure to double check the terms and conditions before you submit your link for approval and payment. Here’s what happened to me: I accepted a writing assignment, which was to be completed within seven days of acceptance. SponsoredReveiws is good about sending reminders about assignment due [...]

I Must be Losing My Blogging Mind!

In this ever-tightening economy where everyone is looking for ways to make additional money while tightening the belt, would you turn down easy money? I agree with you. As a rational and somewhat sane person, I wouldn’t either. So why did I turn down money? Here’s the Scoop In the past I did a review [...]

No More Smorty

I’m taking Smorty out of my Internet money-making arsenal. Before I get a lot of comments on how great Smorty is, realize that I’m taking it out of my arsenal. If it’s working for you, then by all means continue to use them. My reasons for dropping Smorty Here’s why it doesn’t work for me. [...]

Earn Money Writing for SponsoredReviews.com

I’ve come across another moneymaking opportunity called SponsoredReviews.com. It’s a paid for blogging type of site. What I like about this more so than a few of the others that I’ve come across is that they seem to want honest reviews. Some of the advertisers on SponsoredReviews are new and are looking for a way [...]

Pay Per Post – It Works

Further to my earlier posts on Pay Per Post and Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is, I received my first Pay Per Post payment. It all happened rather quickly. I submitted my blog to Pay Per Post on July 30th, it was approved on July 31st and I received my fist payment today, August [...]

Can You Make Money Blogging for Bloggerwave?

Update 12/1/11: Read comments below.  Apparently Bloggerwave isn’t about blogging anymore. Thanks Jonathan for pointing that out. I came across another paid to blog site called Bloggerwave. Of course always being interested in finding new sources to generate revenue, I immediately filled out the registration information at the Bloggerwave registration page, submitted three of my [...]

Can You Make Money Blogging for Smorty?

I recently applied to Smorty, another blog for money site. I was pleased to see that my blog was approved. Excited to be able to earn a few dollars blogging, I signed into my Smorty account to see how it worked. I was pretty anxious to see the available products and services to blog about. [...]