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freelance writing income tracking

A Little Spreadsheet Tip

There are a few things I do with the Income/Article Spreadsheet that might help to make your day easier.  For you folks who are spreadsheet junkies, you can skip this post because I’m not going to talk about anything new or earth shattering, just something that I do to make my life easier. Column Headings [...]

NJFM Income/Article Tracking Spreadsheet

You all know that I’m a numbers junkie and I track a host of stats when it comes to my online writing. My stats are helping me to determine what and where to write in 2011 (I’ll get into more detail about that in a later post).  In the meanwhile, I’d like to share a [...]

Keeping Track of Your Stuff

There is a rather addictive aspect to freelance writing that has very little to do with writing; its called keeping track. Tell me if this sounds familiar: You wake up, turn on your computer and check your visitor stats. Then you go to your various and assorted earning pages of the several affiliates that you [...]