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earning with google adsense

Thanks Google AdSense Team

Yesterday I received an email from the Google AdSense team. The email advised that I was under utilizing ad space on my site. Apparently they had gone though one of my sites and noted that I was only using two Google ad units when I could actually use three. In their email they included the [...]

Oh My, Keep Feeding that Panda!

I know I’ve said that my blogs have done pretty well since the Panda algorithm change, but yesterday was a nice surprise. I reached a milestone in that yesterday my Google AdSense earnings reached $50 in one day! When Panda struck in the US on February 24th, my Google earnings in the month of February [...]

Experiment with Ad Placement

I’ve read over and over on the internet that you should play around with your ad placements, size, color, etc for maximum return. I guess if you read something enough times eventually it will sink in. Abandoning a Blog One of my newly created blogs has been taking quite a long time to get off [...]

Let’s Get Rid of Those Dreaded Belly Fat Ads!

Over the past week or so I had been watching my Google AdSense income for one of my sites slowly decline. First it was barely noticeable until finally, the ad revenue reached an all time low. The drop was so severe I had to check to see if my website was still online. I navigated [...]

From $0 to $35 a Day

From time to time I find threads on forums that I find to be very interesting and informative. With information overload occurring quite frequently, I find that I usually save or .pdf some threads to come back to them later. Here’s a thread on the Warrior Forum started by one of the users. The topic [...]

The Not So Bad Newbie Mistake

When I first starting playing around with web design and creating websites, I utilized free article sites like Ezine Articles and Article Database for content. At first I wrote 100% of my content. Then I started adding free articles so the ratio switched to 50-50. Over time, I think the ratio changed a bit more [...]

Whether you love or hate Google, they’re a necessary resource for anyone looking to make a couple of bucks off of their website or blog.  So, when Google says you must update your privacy policy prior to April 8, 2009, you must update your privacy policy. It’s not a big deal, I don’t think.  There [...]

Just a Google Thought

I look at the state of the economy and try to grasp how we got here.  It’s blamed on too much spending, not enough saving, bottoming out of the real estate market, etc., etc., etc. I then look at my online writing income and wonder if there is a possibility of a virtual melt down [...]

What Not to Do When Creating a Website

I’ve made mention from time to time about my website mistakes. After playing around with it a little over the weekend, I thought it would be nice to share with you the “What not to do’s” when it comes to creating a website. I’m able to create this list because it’s everything that I did [...]

A Not So Brilliant Discovery

I’m almost too embarrassed to write this post. At the risk of self-humiliation I’m willing to share my bonehead move with my readers because somewhere out there on the internet, there has to be another person as bone headed as I am, but too embarrassed to admit it. So, for all of the boneheads in [...]