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A Wonderful Freelance Writing Resource

Well, it’s the day after Thanksgiving and I’m a bit stuffed. I tried not to eat too much, but not eating too much on Thanksgiving is like putting me on a computer and telling me not to check my Google AdSense earnings. It just can’t be done. Anyway, not feeling like doing much writing today, [...]

Oh No, Not Another Blogging 101

I thought about creating a series on blogging giving it the ever so creative and unique name of “Blogging 101.” After I thought about it for a while, I realized that I’m no bogging expert. Yes I do blog and yes I do make a penny or two from it but if you’re going to [...]

The beauty and the pitfall of the internet is that it caters to my border line attention deficient personality. The good (and bad) thing about it is that I’m not alone. Bloggers Here’s a questions for the bloggers out there. How many blogs do you have? Did you start one blog, only to realize you [...]

Knowing that my 100th blog post was coming up soon I started to think, “What is an appropriate post for my 100th entry?” I wanted to make a big splash. Something I could remember for years to come. Drawing a mental blank, I decided to write about 10 things I learned from my first 100 [...]

Earn Money Writing for SponsoredReviews.com

I’ve come across another moneymaking opportunity called SponsoredReviews.com. It’s a paid for blogging type of site. What I like about this more so than a few of the others that I’ve come across is that they seem to want honest reviews. Some of the advertisers on SponsoredReviews are new and are looking for a way [...]

Remove Self-Limiting Blogging Expectations

The mere fact that I have a blog about working from home doesn’t make me an expert on the subject. There are some things I know, and a whole lot that I don’t know. I’ve found that I started to impose an unrealistic level of expectation. I thought that I had to be an “expert” [...]

Generate Free Blog Traffic with BlogRush

There is no need to state the obvious, but I will. If you’re looking to earn money with your blog must get traffic. There are all types of ways to generate traffic to your blog. You can spend your time, your money or both trying to get traffic. You can spend time submitting your pages [...]

Make Blogging Easier – Blog Your Life

Every so often, I get the question from would-be bloggers “What Should I Blog About?” My response, depending on whether or not I’m in an inquisitive mode or not is usually either “Blog what you’re passionate about,” or I ask, “What do you like to do?” Some time ago, I decided I wanted to write [...]

Blogging, Polls and Surveys

I came across a neat little tool this morning. Actually, I received a survey from oDesk this morning asking why I have not secured any work assignments through them. The truth is two-fold, 1) I haven’t had time with the kids being home from school and 2) apparently there is a two-week window in which [...]

When Blogging Gets Tough, Press On

It’s no secret that a parent working from home has an additional challenge during the summer months. Keeping up with the regular writing, editing and posting routine is a lot easier when the children are in school. Unfortunately, they do get a rather extensive summer break and your blogging is affected by it. There are [...]