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Chatting about Money & Interest

I realize I haven’t written about my income in a while. This is partly because there haven’t been any major changes and partly because I haven’t been doing too much writing. December 2011 was my highest residual income month of $3,037. That was the first month where I snuck in the back door of the [...]


Ebook Experiment Time

I’ve had an idea roaming around in my head for over a year and it wasn’t until Ken’s unfortunate AdSense situation that I realized it was time for me to stop thinking and start doing (sorry for that extremely long sentence). About Writing Books I’ve found that my book’s audience is folks who are just [...]


I can’t believe this wasn’t on my list of favorite WordPress plugins (I’ve since modified the list to include it). I first installed the Limit Login Attempts plugin some time ago but after forgetting my password a couple of times I disabled it. You see, with so many blogs I don’t always update all of [...]


New Infolinks Graphic: The Mind of a Blogger

I’m a big fan of Infolinks. I use them on just about all of my money making blogs. Recently they sent out a newsletter spreading the news about a new graphic  they created on the mind of a blogger. The graphic was well done and well thought out (well, mostly well thought out). It is [...]


Strength when Facing Adversity

One of the positive features of owning No Job for Mom is that I’ve come across a nice group of people. I’ve received comments from readers about how I’ve inspired them. What they don’t realize is that I get just as much inspiration from my readers. I was recently very inspired by a community member [...]



Over the past few days I noticed my Google earnings had dropped significantly. I couldn’t figure out why the drop, but I know the Internet is a fickle beast so I didn’t lose much sleep over it. Knowing that I can’t control Google, I continued on doing what I do, playing around behind the scenes [...]


WordPress Plugin: Broken Link Checker

While I’m contemplating my direction for the next 5 years of my online journey, I decided to play around behind the scenes on a few of my blogs. In doing so I happened upon the plug-in called Broken Link Checker. If you have a WordPress blog and are not already using this plugin, I strongly [...]


Shout out to Crystal Clear Edits

I wanted to give a shout out to Crystal and her new website Crystal Clear Edits. Crystal is a valuable member of the NJFM community. She poses great questions, offers encouragement and provides information that has helped many of NJFM’s readers. She recently unveiled her new website Crystal Clear Edits. You see, Crystal has this [...]


Almost 5 Years of Online Writing

February 7th will mark my 5th year anniversary of quitting my part-time job in an attempt to earn money as an online writer. In those 5 years I’ve earned and learned quite a bit. The largest contributing factor to my online writing success was the decision to transition from up front to residual earnings. The [...]


What’s Up with the Amazon Traffic?

The other night I noticed a temporary surge in traffic on several of my sites. Around the same time I noticed a surge in my Suite 101 traffic too. On my own sites I could tell the referrer was Amazon. Most of the traffic was coming from Seattle, Washington and Fresno, California. There were one [...]