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The Learning Never Stops

I’m currently knee-deep in a ton of projects. Actually it’s more like neck deep, and I’m a pretty tall gal. That means there are lots of layers of projects keeping me busy. Anyway, between learning more about consolidating blogs, formatting ebooks for a professional look, formatting books for Kindle and PubIt, I’m also learning quite [...]


Putting Aweber to Good Use

Talk about a waste of resources. I signed up for Aweber newsletter services back in 2009; September to be exact. Since then I sent out a grand total of 5 announcements, 1 in 2009, 3 in 2010 and 1 in 2011. That’s just plain pitiful. I couldn’t quite figure out what to do with Aweber [...]


Another Writing Opportunity: MakeUseOf

I came across a writing opportunity that I thought was interesting. The name of the site is MakeUseOf.com. MakeUseOf is a cool site that offers how to’s, guides, downloads and shout outs to new and cool websites. It’s geared towards helping its readers make the best of the latest computer technologies. They cover Windows, Mac [...]


NJFM’s Blogging for Beginners

This is old news to folks who subscribe to the newsletter, but for those who don’t I’d like to share the release of my new ebook with you. The name of the book is Make Money Blogging.   Since most of you are already blogging and have passed the beginning stage, you guys aren’t my target [...]


Freelance Writing and Rainy Days

I tried searching NJFM for the term “rainy day” and realized the only place the term showed up was on page 15 in my ebook “So You Want to Become a Freelance Writer.” Since I didn’t write about it here on NJFM I feel I need to talk about it now. Writing and Rain If [...]


Selling Old Books on Amazon

I came across a video the other day on how to sell things on Amazon (yes, I’m late to the Amazon party). I’ve always used Amazon to buy things but never to sell anything. For those of you who were clueless (like me) about selling things on Amazon, embedded below is a concise and informative [...]


I’m Back and on a Mission!

There’s something to be said for adversity. Personally, I don’t like facing too much adversity at one time, but every time I do I come out on the other end stronger. The power outage was an inconvenience and an experience to learn from. There were several action items I took away from the experience. I’ve [...]


Out of Communication for a Bit

I was one of the fortunate folks to have been hit by the recent early winter storm. As a result, I’m in the dark. Our generator pull string decided to give up the ghost so we’re really in the dark. No power, no Internet, no hot water…life is good! I’m thankful for our  gym membership [...]


Maximizing My Blogs

As part of tidying up my first online writing phase and transitioning into my second phase, I have to clean up many of my blogs. In addition to consolidating my online properties, I need to clean and maximize the properties I have remaining. First let me say there is no scientific way to go about [...]


Something Different this Morning

I know, my last post mentioned that this post would be about maximizing blogs, but I got side tracked (this happens when I have too much coffee). I decided to try something a little different this morning. [audio:http://www.nojobformom.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Too-Much-Coffee.mp3|titles=Too Much Coffee] (I was pacing a little too much when I recorded this because I periodically walked [...]