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Next Step

Here’s the next step. Once I review the ad, you will receive notification in 72 hours as to whether or not it is approved.  At that time we’ll discuss images (if any) to be included in the ad.

In the approval email you’ll be directed to the link to select the duration of your ad. The choices are:

  • 3 Months for $9.99Steps
  • 6 Months for $18.98
  • 9 Months for $26.97
  • 12 Months for $33.97

Once payment and image are received, the ad will be placed in the book.  At the end of each chapter there is a page dedicated to links and advertisements.  Ad position is currently placed on a first-come-first-serve basis.  You will receive a copy of your ad as it will appear in the book (for your final approval).

You will be able to download the latest edition of the book on the first day of the quarter (you may download a copy prior to the quarter, but your ad won’t appear until the 1st of the quarter).

Thank you so much for advertising with No Job for Mom.