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NJFM Newsletters

This page is a work in progress. The purpose of this page is to consolidate in one place the various newsletter lists NJFM has to offer.

Currently there are two lists:

  1. The general catch all list. This is the first list I created here on NJFM and it hasn’t quite found its personality. So far it’s used for general broadcasts to advise subscribers of new releases or general information.In it’s 2 and a half-year lifespan this general list has issued 5 broadcasts. In other words, the last thing you have to worry about in signing up for this list is receiving too many emails. You might tap your inbox to ask, “Is this thing on?” because these emails are infrequent, pertinent but infrequent.

    Use this form to sign up for the general list:

  2. NJFM Motivation for Writers list. This newsletter list has a purpose. The purpose is to provide weekly motivational emails to subscribers every Monday morning. You see, as freelance writers, we run into tons of obstacles and disheartening situations. My goal with this newsletter is to provide the much needed shot in the arm, or an “hmmm” moment.You know those “hmmm” moments. They’re not “aha” moments, but moments that make you just say “hmmm.”

    Use this form to sign up for the NJFM Motivation for Writers list:

     NJFM: Motivation Newsletter

There are more lists to come, but these are the only ones ready for prime time.

When I figure out how to create sign up links without the need for a bulky sign up form, believe me, I’ll revise the page accordingly. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite figured that out yet so this page will consist of too many sign up forms.