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Comment Policy

The NJFM comment policy is a moving target.  I only created this policy after receiving a few comments made me think, “Hmmm, NJFM needs a comment policy.”NJFM Comment Policy

I’m not into rules and guidelines too much, but I felt the need to do this to help maintain my peace of mind.  Right now there are basically two items on the comment policy and they are as follows:

NJFM Backlink Policy

I use the CommentLuv plugin on this blog because I want to give back to those who contribute here.  The plugin links back to your blog for each post you make.  Since I use CommentLuv, I don’t think it’s necessary to insert links back to your latest blog post (especially if it does not add to the subject at hand).  The software does it automatically.

Some folks comment with the sole goal to link back to one of their posts. As a result, I remove the extra link.  Imagine how out of control that could get.  I find that if I allow one such backlink, I’ve got to let everyone do the same thing. So, to cut down on spam and obvious traffic getting comments, I remove them.

NJFM Questions Policy

Okay, I get it.  There are a lot of posts on this blog and it’s not always easy to find what you’re looking for (I’m looking for a new template to make things easier).  That being said, please, especially if it’s your first time heQuestionsre, take time to review a few of the blog posts or the About page.  I answer a lot of questions there.

This policy came about because sometimes I get excited newbies who read one post and then ask a plethora of questions that are answered throughout the blog. I guess the one that put me over the edge was “…I was wondering if you could provide some background for aspiring freelance writers.  How long have you been writing?  Are most of your earnings residual income? Did you have a day-time job and if so, how long before you were able to quit?”


As I mentioned in my Welcome to the Buffet post, I don’t mind sharing information, but you’ve got to do your part too (as in clicking the mouse a few times).

Thanks for abiding by the policy.