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C’mon Phishers, You can Do Better than That!

I opened my email program this morning and this was one of the emails I received last night: The hyperlink for “sing-in” leads to http://www.azinetur.com/cc.php. Just for grins I clicked on the link to see how elaborate of a bait and switch plan these phishers put together, but I didn’t get too far. This is [...]

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Google AdWords Scam Alert

The following email showed up in my inbox today: The sender’s address was Google AdWords <adwords-noreply@google.com>. At first I was a little concerned, but then I read the email carefully.  There were two things that struck me: I don’t use Google AdWords Just take a look at the grammar There’s a hyperlink in the email [...]


What the Heck is qq829.com?

This weekend I noticed a few odd entries in my web traffic stats. There were multiple visits from several addresses in China. While the hits came from various cities in China, the one thing they all had in common was the weblink. The link came from an address that looked something like this: www.qq829.com/web_stat.asp?dn=www.websitename.com Of [...]


Factoidz? Maybe Not

Sorry guys, I felt I had to put out a quick post to retract my last one (I made a notation on the original post, but who goes back to read an already read post). After receiving a few comments regarding Factoidz’ payment habits, I did a little snooping around their forums. When I saw [...]


Be wary of e-mail processing scams

I was reading a few posts on one of the forms that I occasionally frequent and there was a post from an individual encouraging people to participate in an e-mail processing program. According to the poster he made over $200 a day in one hour. Not only that, he received payment daily to boot. Of [...]


In your burning desire to work from home and earn money through the internet, you have to do your homework in order to avoid being scammed. There are a host of companies that set up operation on the internet just to lure the unsuspecting person who is looking to earn money from home. With ads [...]