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New DMS Format

I know that Demand Media Studios gets bashed around a lot on line. Despite the fact it is one of the few places online that consistently pays (and twice a week at that) it does get negative press. I’m guilty of bashing them a time or two (well not really bashing DMS, just airing frustrations [...]


Writing for Dollars – A Writer’s Resource

Not too long ago Crystal asked me about a site called Writing for Dollars. I know I’ve come across the site and referred to them often in the past, but with so much going on, I all but forgot about them. It wasn’t until Crystal mentioned the name did I remember the site. She suggested [...]


Re-Evaluating My Suite numbers

For the first time since I’ve been writing for Suite 101, I took a look at my numbers.  More than just the total PV’s and total revenue and percentage drop or increase from day to day or month to month, I finally looked at my progress (or lack there of) by topic. Unfortunately, I haven’t [...]


DMS WCA Compared To…

A few months ago I wrote a few WCA (Writer Created Assignments) articles for Demand Media Studios.  In total I have 5 WCA articles.  I wrote the first article in June of 2010.  In comparison, I have 18 articles on Bukisa (first one written in November of 2008) and 23 Hubs over at HubPages.  I [...]


A Different Flavor for November

I achieved the October Double O goal, but I’m entering November in a more reflective mood.  While it was great earning over $3,100 in October, it came at a pretty high price.  I wrote far too many articles for Demand Studios (78 in total).  This month I’m putting Demand Studios on the back burner. The [...]


Double O Club – An Expensive Ticket Price

I’ve said it before, and I guess I’m not a quick learner, so I’ve got to say it again (more for my own benefit). I’m losing money by writing for Demand Studios. Here’s the Scoop As you know, I’ve been working on joining the Double O club this month. Because my residual income is below [...]


Time to Join the Double O Club

I feel that I’ve been playing around with this freelance writing stuff long enough. No matter how my residual income fluctuates, I’ve decided to enter and remain in the Double O Club. The Double O Club means that I can calculate my minimum daily income by tacking two zeros on the back of the date. [...]


Here’s A Writing Opportunity for Computer Lovers

WorldStart.com is a website that is looking for articles on computer tips and techniques to put in their email newsletter.  When I checked this site out, their newsletter mailing list was 125,000 readers strong (rather impressive). They’re looking for user-friendly tips that anyone can understand.  The World Start audience is not the intense computer geek. [...]


Writer Access: Another Online Writing Site

I’d like to thank Larkspur (oops, my bad) Leigh, a frequent contributor to our Textbroker thread, for sharing this writing opportunity. It sounded like it might be a legitimate place for writers so , I’d like to share it with the folks who don’t always read the Textbroker thread (I don’t blame you, it’s very, [...]


My Recent Suite 101 Experience

A lot of Suite 101 old timers are experiencing a bit of fluctuation in their Suite earnings and page views. The Suite powers are experimenting and making changes to the site. Of course when one thing changes it affects other things. I’ve shared before, that my Suite 101 earnings have dropped. It went from just [...]