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A Melancholy Observation

In my hiatus from writing for money I was able to see which sites have been truly passive. Currently, Suite 101 and Demand Studios revenue share fall under the truly passive category for me. I haven’t written an article for Suite since May 4, 2011 and my last revenue share for DMS was written on [...]


Entrepreneur Cure, A Diamond in the Rough

Here’s a site that’s still under construction, but even while under construction, it provides more information than most sites (including my own). The name of the site is Entrepreneur Cure. Check out their Employment Opportunities page and Pay per Task page. The site hasn’t been updated in about a month, but I think it’s worth [...]


Google AdWords Scam Alert

The following email showed up in my inbox today: The sender’s address was Google AdWords <adwords-noreply@google.com>. At first I was a little concerned, but then I read the email carefully.  There were two things that struck me: I don’t use Google AdWords Just take a look at the grammar There’s a hyperlink in the email [...]


Writing for Suite 101 after Panda

I’ve been both a contributing writer and a feature writer for Suite 101. I recently re-claimed my Insurance Feature Writer spot only to realize that I’m totally burnt out on the subject of insurance so I decided to vacate the position again. I’ve been browsing their available FW positions to see if there are any [...]


A Second Look at Associated Content

I’m looking at content sites through a different pair of sunglasses this go ‘round. When I first started writing online I looked at contents sites strictly as a source of income. It gave me a chance to hone my writing skills and make money at the same time. With the recent changes, my view of [...]


Looking at Things Differently

In the good ol’ days (pre-panda and pre-WCP closure), I used to write articles based on what I was doing. When I was reformatting my computer and ran into a problem, I’d find the solution and write an article about it. When I figured out how and when to transplant a hydrangea bush, I’d write [...]


Tips on Writing for Constant Content

With the recent one-two blow to the online freelance writing community we all need to reassess our writing venues and decide how to move forward. This pivotal moment will speak volumes about you and your online writing career. I’ve already heard rumblings from some folks about giving up because this stuff is too hard and [...]


eHow to Remove WCP Articles from Site


In the back of our minds we knew it would happen eventually. We always wondered when eHow would no longer offer payouts for the user-generated articles written under the WCP. We no longer have to worry or wonder. That day has come. eHow has made an offer to purchase the existing articles currently appearing on [...]


The Other Side of the Writing Coin

I finally got around to putting my specs together in order to hire a few Textbroker writers to write some content for me. It was an interesting experience. The one thing I did learn about this experience is that I am a freelance writer. As a freelance writer I find it difficult to hire other [...]


Demand Studios Closes WCA Program

Well it looks like Demand Studios is no longer accepting articles under the Writer Created Assignment Program. I happened to sign in to check my earnings and saw the notification. Mosey over to Deanna’s blog, The Write Mom, for a full write up. Although I’m concentrating 99% of my writing efforts on my own endeavors, [...]