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My 300th Post – Yawn!

This is my 300th post and it should be profound…It’s not! I knew the 300th post was coming up, but it caught me at a time where I’m feeling a little singed around the edges. Although my November earnings were higher than my October earnings, my residual income was down by a little over $200; [...]


Oh Those Plagiarists…

Grandma, I think you’ll get a kick out of this post. Just recently you made a comment about your frustration with folks who steal content. Being new to Xomba, I decided to set a daily schedule of adding Xomblurbs/Xombytes. It seems that the successful Xombies (??) are those who post new content on a regular [...]


Earning Money with Xomba

A couple of weeks ago I signed up to write for social bookmarking site Xomba. I had run across Xomba before and had been approached by other folks to sign up but chose to pass on the opportunity after visiting the site. At that time the site looked very spammy and I didn’t want to [...]