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Interesting Today.com Dilemma

I received email notification today of a comment to one of my posts on my old Today.com blog (in case you didn’t read my earlier post, Today.com fired me). Since I no longer blog for Today.com, I’d prefer not to be notified of comments to posts that I can neither approve nor reject. In an [...]


My Final Story with Today.com

I thought I’d share a few emails I received and sent to Today.com after they closed my account.  The emails are pretty much self explanatory: My email to Today: Since you have disabled my account, kindly remove all of my content from your site or continue paying me the latest going rate. Thank you, Felicia [...]


Is Today.com Shooting Themselves in the Foot?

Thanks to one of my readers (yes I’m referring to you Sher); I happened upon Hospitalera’s Blog. Apparently Hospitalera had a pretty successful blog over at Today.com.  All appeared to be going great when one day she received an email from Today stating that they were changing her payment rate.  Shortly thereafter, she received another [...]


Time to Make a Few More Changes

Today.com has instituted a uniform blog template across all of their blogs. I guess it makes sense. If I’m going to continue writing for Today.com, I’ll have to adapt to the new look. The question is…do I want to continue writing for them. I’ve recently decided that I want to double my online income in [...]


Changes at Today.com

I’ve heard rumblings about the goings on over at Today.com. In an earlier post I mentioned how I signed up to blog there. I guess I jumped on the bandwagon just at the right time. Since then there seems to have been some changes. A few of my readers shared pertinent information about their experience [...]


I Took the Today.com Plunge

Here I go again, I’m loading my plate up again. I recently joined the Today.com blogging community. Why did I do it? Hmmm, money, I guess? Here’s the scoop Just like most of you, I’m always looking for new ways to make residual income. The upfront payment (you know trading time for dollars) is grand, [...]