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The Other Side of the Writing Coin

I finally got around to putting my specs together in order to hire a few Textbroker writers to write some content for me. It was an interesting experience. The one thing I did learn about this experience is that I am a freelance writer. As a freelance writer I find it difficult to hire other [...]


Grandma’s Little Black Textbroker Book

Grandma, our resident Textbroker expert,  has been a very active member of the NJFM community. She has shared her knowledge, experience and insights when it comes to making money with Textbroker. All you have to do is review the Textbroker post (with over 500 comments) to see how she has helped fellow  writers. Very recently [...]


A Textbroker Update

It appears that Textbroker no longer hires writers that are not located in the US. Below is an email I received from them today. If you have already signed up for Textbroker, you probably received the same email. However, folks who were considering writing for them should be aware of the following: Hello Felicia, Based [...]


Textbroker Comment Bump

I felt it necessary to take one of the comments I received about Textbroker and make it a post. In other words, I wanted to ‘bump’ it up to the top of the list so the question could get attention. In an earlier Textbroker post, many of my readers shared their Textbroker writing experience. Unfortunately, [...]


Earn Money Writing for Textbroker.com

In an earlier post I mentioned Textbroker.com as a way for newbies to make money. It seems to be a legitimate site whereby upon acceptance, you’re paid for your article. I do have to warn you, however, that the pay scale is rather low. Here’s how it works. You go to Textbroker.com and sign up [...]