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Suite 101

How Suite It Is!

This post is yet another one in a long line of posts with the message: Stick with it! When it comes to earning residual income, you’ve got to stick with it. If you’re looking to write one article that will earn hundreds and thousands in residual income so that you can sit back and retire, [...]


Where’s the Money?

Let me preface this by saying, I know Suite 101 is a legitimate site and that the current late payment is nothing to worry about. Having said that… “Give me my money.” My son and hubby love to watch the show the Family Guy. There’s something about a kid hating his mom stops me from [...]


An Update to My Unscientific Experiment

A month ago I performed a little experiment.  I wrote three articles using the same keywords on three different sites (Suite 101, eHow and HubPages) to see how much ‘Google Favor’ affects the success of each article. The purpose of the experiment was to ensure that I was spending my time wisely. Maria (aka WriterGig)  [...]


A Suite Change in Policy

Finally, no holds barred. Suite has officially lifted the gag order that prevented writers from sharing information on how much they earned writing for Suite 101. Posted in the Suite 101 forum on September 1, 1009 by Lima Al-Azzeh: FYI Suite Writers: In light of news today about Suite101.com writer Lena Gott and her phenomenal [...]


HubPages is a Keeper

As you know, I recently started writing for HubPages. Although I signed up quite some time ago, I only wrote my first article a month ago on July 20, 2009. Understanding the nature of residual writing, I know for a fact that the first month of any online residual writing site is usually an exercise [...]


It’s All in the Mind

It’s amazing how easy a task becomes when the mind is properly adjusted. I think I’ve mentioned a few times before that I basically write the minimum amount of articles necessary to honor my Suite 101 writing contract.  I write about an article a week. Each week I would approach the article with dread. “Ugh! [...]


Working Smarter to Enjoy Google Favor

Recently I tried an unscientific experiment. I wrote three articles all targeting the same keywords. Although the keywords were the same, each article was unique, approaching the topic from a different angle. I then decided to place one article on Suite 101, one on HubPages and one on eHow. After posting the articles I searched [...]


Prepare Now for Next Summer

I’ve mentioned before, but I’m saying it again. I don’t want to work next summer. That sounds weird coming form a person whose job is being a freelance writer from home, but it’s true nonetheless. This summer was great, but I found that I still had to keep up with my writing obligations. Well, I [...]


The Demand Studios Score Card

It seems that Demand Studios has instituted a scoring system to “motivate” writers. In my opinion the scorecard does nothing but add to the writer’s stress level. I took a look at my current score for all time. Since I barely write for them anymore, it was interesting to see how the numbers stacked up. [...]


Very recently I became interested in HubPages. I became inspired to try HubPages after reading Lissie’s blog (If you haven’t visited her blog you should do so). It seems that her success with HubPages is similar to my success with Suite 101. She’s been with them for a couple of years and it’s paying off. [...]