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Suite 101

A Suite Mistake

I can’t actually call it a mistake, but I can say I’m dealing with the fallout of having placed my articles on Suite 101. Plagiarist’s Shopping Ground Apparently Suite 101 was the go to place for plagiarists. I knew it as a problem, but chose to occupy myself elsewhere and not deal with it. Only [...]


Suite101: All Good Things Must Come to an End

Suite 101  is undergoing a transformation. They’ve switched from the old individual article-writing model to more of a collaborative effort type of model. It reminds me of Wikipedia. One of the major differences I see, however, between the Wikipedia model and Suite’s is the author attribution. I tend not to use Wikipedia as the gospel, [...]


Back to Suite

I recently made the decision to pick up where I left off at Suite 101. Things have changed quite a bit at Suite so I’m no longer the Insurance Feature Writer, but I have agreed to write at least one article a month to meet the Feature Writer requirement. Making the Decision After the Panda [...]


A Melancholy Observation

In my hiatus from writing for money I was able to see which sites have been truly passive. Currently, Suite 101 and Demand Studios revenue share fall under the truly passive category for me. I haven’t written an article for Suite since May 4, 2011 and my last revenue share for DMS was written on [...]


Writing for Suite 101 after Panda

I’ve been both a contributing writer and a feature writer for Suite 101. I recently re-claimed my Insurance Feature Writer spot only to realize that I’m totally burnt out on the subject of insurance so I decided to vacate the position again. I’ve been browsing their available FW positions to see if there are any [...]


Looking at Things Differently

In the good ol’ days (pre-panda and pre-WCP closure), I used to write articles based on what I was doing. When I was reformatting my computer and ran into a problem, I’d find the solution and write an article about it. When I figured out how and when to transplant a hydrangea bush, I’d write [...]


I’m Gonna Hate Myself in the Morning

I’m back as the Insurance Feature Writer on Suite 101. Why did I do it? Easy, the drop in writing requirement. When Suite dropped the required writing from one article a week to one a month, I realized it was something I could do. My earnings at Suite have tanked but my 2011 per article [...]


Not Altruism, Just Numbers

As you know I recently stepped down as the Insurance Feature Writer for Suite 101. This decision isn’t one that was made based on the Google Panda update. It was a decision that was making itself abundantly clear to me. I’d love to say it was an altruistic move to give another writer a shot [...]


A Look in the Mirror

The recent Panda update and how it affected Suite caused me to take a look in the mirror. I’ve decided to take a look at my writing, my writing style and whether or not my articles provide useful information. When Michael Kedda mentioned that senior Suite 101 writers were strongly affected by the Google algorithm [...]


I subscribe to the Brian Tracy quote of the day email, and I received this quote the day after the Google smack down. I thought it was appropriate. “Always look at what you have left. Never look at what you have lost.” — Robert Schuller, Clergyman While my Suite earnings took a beating, I’m still [...]