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A Warning about SponsoredReview

If you accept a writing assignment with SponsoredReviews.com, be sure to double check the terms and conditions before you submit your link for approval and payment. Here’s what happened to me: I accepted a writing assignment, which was to be completed within seven days of acceptance. SponsoredReveiws is good about sending reminders about assignment due [...]


I Must be Losing My Blogging Mind!

In this ever-tightening economy where everyone is looking for ways to make additional money while tightening the belt, would you turn down easy money? I agree with you. As a rational and somewhat sane person, I wouldn’t either. So why did I turn down money? Here’s the Scoop In the past I did a review [...]


Earn Money Writing for SponsoredReviews.com

I’ve come across another moneymaking opportunity called SponsoredReviews.com. It’s a paid for blogging type of site. What I like about this more so than a few of the others that I’ve come across is that they seem to want honest reviews. Some of the advertisers on SponsoredReviews are new and are looking for a way [...]