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DMS WCA Compared To…

A few months ago I wrote a few WCA (Writer Created Assignments) articles for Demand Media Studios.  In total I have 5 WCA articles.  I wrote the first article in June of 2010.  In comparison, I have 18 articles on Bukisa (first one written in November of 2008) and 23 Hubs over at HubPages.  I [...]


Is HubPages Trying to Entice Me?

Earlier I wrote a few posts on HubPages. One was when I first started writing for them and was happy with the experience , and another was when I was wondering what was going on over there (an income nosedive can make a gal wonder). HubPages on the Rise? Over the past few weeks I [...]


What Happened at HubPages?

I was pretty excited about my HubPages earnings when I first signed up. I wrote about 20 Hubs (well actually 19) to test the waters. Initially, I started out with a bang. I earned about $17 and was real excited. I left those 19 articles to sit and marinade for a while. I occasionally linked [...]


An Update to My Unscientific Experiment

A month ago I performed a little experiment.  I wrote three articles using the same keywords on three different sites (Suite 101, eHow and HubPages) to see how much ‘Google Favor’ affects the success of each article. The purpose of the experiment was to ensure that I was spending my time wisely. Maria (aka WriterGig)  [...]


HubPages is a Keeper

As you know, I recently started writing for HubPages. Although I signed up quite some time ago, I only wrote my first article a month ago on July 20, 2009. Understanding the nature of residual writing, I know for a fact that the first month of any online residual writing site is usually an exercise [...]


Working Smarter to Enjoy Google Favor

Recently I tried an unscientific experiment. I wrote three articles all targeting the same keywords. Although the keywords were the same, each article was unique, approaching the topic from a different angle. I then decided to place one article on Suite 101, one on HubPages and one on eHow. After posting the articles I searched [...]


Prepare Now for Next Summer

I’ve mentioned before, but I’m saying it again. I don’t want to work next summer. That sounds weird coming form a person whose job is being a freelance writer from home, but it’s true nonetheless. This summer was great, but I found that I still had to keep up with my writing obligations. Well, I [...]


HubPages Really Works!

Yesterday I checked my Google AdSense account to find that I earned .01 from my HubPages account! To me, seeing that penny in earnings was like winning the lottery. That penny made my day! Hold on a minute. Don’t think I’ve lost my mind. You have to understand why .01 is so very important. I [...]


Very recently I became interested in HubPages. I became inspired to try HubPages after reading Lissie’s blog (If you haven’t visited her blog you should do so). It seems that her success with HubPages is similar to my success with Suite 101. She’s been with them for a couple of years and it’s paying off. [...]