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Demand Studios

I’m sure most of you know by now, but Demand Studios is now accepting UK and Canadian writers. Check out the News & Press section of the Demand Media website.  There’s a link to this blog post: http://psmithjournalist.com/2010/03/exclusive-demand-media-now-accepting-uk-canadian-freelance-writers/ While you’re there listen to the MP3 of Steven Kydd’s interview.  Steven Kydd is an Executive Vice [...]


Post to Demand Studio Writers

I’ve received anonymous comments and emails regarding my last post on the Demand Studios affiliate links. In response to those emails (and anonymous comments) I feel I must apologize for the outcome of my post. I’ve shared many “secrets” on my blog that have benefited the writing community. Each time I share a secret there [...]


Demand Studios $15 plus residuals?

Wouldn’t it be nice if in addition to the $15 up front pay for Demand Studio articles you could earn residual income? Well, you can (Shhh – don’t know if it’s a secret or not, but lean in closer and I’ll tell you). Amazon Links I’ve decided to make my hard work for Demand Studios [...]


But What Color Were the Rocks?

I’m sure we all know someone who always seems to miss the mark. You know the type of person I’m talking about. They always seem to come up with questions that make you scratch your head and say “WHAT???” Here’s an example: Mary tells a heartwarming story about a little boy and his puppy taking [...]


Demand Studios Round 2

I started writing for Demand Studios again. My overall experience with them is positive, but there is one editor (I hope it’s only one), that causes me to wear out my Serenity prayer. I won’t go into details, but I ran one of her requests past several of my former insurance colleagues, and each one [...]


My 300th Post – Yawn!

This is my 300th post and it should be profound…It’s not! I knew the 300th post was coming up, but it caught me at a time where I’m feeling a little singed around the edges. Although my November earnings were higher than my October earnings, my residual income was down by a little over $200; [...]


Tap, Tap, Tap…Is This Thing On?

Helloooo. Man, I think the internet is broken. I’ve been looking over my earnings and they seem to be down this month. The funny thing is that it’s not just one website, it’s across the board. I can’t remember the last time my Suite daily earnings were in the single digit dollar range. Yesterday’s earnings [...]


Back on the Demand Studios Merry-go-Round

The other day I received an e-mail from Demand Studios asking me to update my bio. I had received a similar request before and chose to ignore it since I had not been writing for Demand Studios and didn’t see a need to update my bio. Just for grins, I opened the e-mail expecting to [...]


My USA Today Interview about eHow

Wow, I was mentioned in a USA Today article about Richard Rosenblatt, the owner of Demand Media which owns eHow and Demand Studios among other online sites. About a week or so ago I was interviewed by Jeff Graham of USA Today. I didn’t get too excited because I’ve been interviewed before by other reporters [...]


I was on Kidgas’ blog today and his final statement on a recent post made me chuckle “Just wish that passive income was less active.” He’s got a point, but residual income becomes more passive and less active over time. The amount of initial activity usually depends on two things: How much money you want [...]