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Demand Studios

Time to Join the Double O Club

I feel that I’ve been playing around with this freelance writing stuff long enough. No matter how my residual income fluctuates, I’ve decided to enter and remain in the Double O Club. The Double O Club means that I can calculate my minimum daily income by tacking two zeros on the back of the date. [...]


Lessons Learned from Demand Studios

Writing for Demand Studios is an interesting adventure. It constantly teaches me more about myself. For example, this weekend I learned that I’d rather be rich than the right (at least when it comes to DS). Let me explain. Over the past few days I wrote several articles for DS.  The articles were on a [...]


Demand Studios WCA Results

I finally tried it. Over the last two weeks I wrote two WCAs (Writer Created Assignment) for Demand Studios. After reviewing my eHow earnings and comparing them to my other writing venues, I figured that I should at least give it a try. Edits and Modifications As a general rule, once my article is accepted, [...]


Searching through Demand Studios Titles

Regular readers know that I’m on a mission to increase my monthly income by 10% each month. Actually, I changed the percentage from 10 to 15% (maybe I need to do a different post outlining the effect of increasing your income by 15% each month instead of 10%). Holidays Happen Of course over the holidays [...]


Life after eHow

I often get e-mails asking how life has been after eHow. My only regret with eHow shutting down its writing program as it did is that I was in the middle of yet another experiment which came to a screeching halt. So rather than perform my experiment on the eHow website, I’ve decided to look [...]


Let the Poaching Begin…

The eHow upheaval is causing a feeding frenzy. Just imagine how happy some of the other, less popular (or even popular) content sites were to hear that there are so many disgruntled eHowers. They stand to gain an influx of new writers, content and hopefully readers. I found it interesting to receive an email yesterday [...]


Ruffled eHow Feathers

Further to yesterday’s post, I spent some time reading a particularly lively forum thread over at eHow. The thread reminded me why I don’t visit the forums very often. I usually visit them when there is a software issue or a major change to the site. Usually, if I page through the various comments, I [...]


Oh Man… Just when I thought I had it all figured out, Demand Studios/eHow pulls a fast one. If you have received the latest email from eHow, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t received it, here it is: Demand Studios is now the exclusive writing platform for eHow.com. Hi Tidbits, Today, we [...]


It’s the end of the first quarter of 2010 and I did a little number crunching to make sure I’m still headed in the right direction towards reaching my goals. At first glance, here’s what my numbers told me: Articles Written Amount Earned Average Rate/Article 187 $5,735,19* $30.66 Upon further evaluation I separated the residual [...]


How to Get Accepted as a Demand Studios Writer

I often receive e-mails from newbies asking how to get accepted as a writer for Demand Studios. This is a difficult question for me to answer because I applied to Demand Studios a year or two ago. Back then all I had to provide was a resume, a writing sample or two and advise them [...]