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Demand Studios

Finding a Part-Time Job

Well, here it is. Felicia at No Job for Mom is admitting that she’s working a part-time job.  That job is writing articles for Demand Media Studios (again). My residuals have taken quite a beating and it’s time for me to do something to stem the tide.  As I’ve done before, I’m taking my Demand [...]


Until the Wheels Fall Off

A while ago Ken Crawford (where are you Ken?) used a phrase that I liked. He said once you find something that works, ride it until the wheels fall off. Well, that’s sort of what I’m doing with Demand Studios. The Honeymoon is Over Before it began my honeymoon ended. Of the few articles I [...]


Tip Toeing into Demand Studios Again

The more things change, the more they stay the same. It was several years ago when I wrote my first post  about Demand Studios, and here I am writing about Demand Studios again (Thanks for the suggestion, Diane). What’s Different? This time around there are two major changes: Demand Studios My Attitude Demand Studios The [...]


A Melancholy Observation

In my hiatus from writing for money I was able to see which sites have been truly passive. Currently, Suite 101 and Demand Studios revenue share fall under the truly passive category for me. I haven’t written an article for Suite since May 4, 2011 and my last revenue share for DMS was written on [...]


Demand Studios Closes WCA Program

Well it looks like Demand Studios is no longer accepting articles under the Writer Created Assignment Program. I happened to sign in to check my earnings and saw the notification. Mosey over to Deanna’s blog, The Write Mom, for a full write up. Although I’m concentrating 99% of my writing efforts on my own endeavors, [...]


Demand Media Studios is making a few changes. I’m not quite sure how things will pan out but until the segmentation changes are fully explained, DMS writers are feeling a bit uneasy. My buddy Ken over at The Freelancer Today is right on top of things.  He’s putting together a list of writing venues that [...]


New DMS Format

I know that Demand Media Studios gets bashed around a lot on line. Despite the fact it is one of the few places online that consistently pays (and twice a week at that) it does get negative press. I’m guilty of bashing them a time or two (well not really bashing DMS, just airing frustrations [...]


DMS WCA Compared To…

A few months ago I wrote a few WCA (Writer Created Assignments) articles for Demand Media Studios.  In total I have 5 WCA articles.  I wrote the first article in June of 2010.  In comparison, I have 18 articles on Bukisa (first one written in November of 2008) and 23 Hubs over at HubPages.  I [...]


A Different Flavor for November

I achieved the October Double O goal, but I’m entering November in a more reflective mood.  While it was great earning over $3,100 in October, it came at a pretty high price.  I wrote far too many articles for Demand Studios (78 in total).  This month I’m putting Demand Studios on the back burner. The [...]


Double O Club – An Expensive Ticket Price

I’ve said it before, and I guess I’m not a quick learner, so I’ve got to say it again (more for my own benefit). I’m losing money by writing for Demand Studios. Here’s the Scoop As you know, I’ve been working on joining the Double O club this month. Because my residual income is below [...]