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DMS WCA Compared To…

A few months ago I wrote a few WCA (Writer Created Assignments) articles for Demand Media Studios.  In total I have 5 WCA articles.  I wrote the first article in June of 2010.  In comparison, I have 18 articles on Bukisa (first one written in November of 2008) and 23 Hubs over at HubPages.  I [...]


Bukisa is Cleaning Up Their Act

In reviewing the July, 2009 newsletter from Bukisa (I think it’s the first one I’ve ever received); I was pleased to see they were implementing a few changes. Some of the changes I really couldn’t care much about. Things like Private Messaging, widgets, banners, comments and invites don’t mean much to me. I have too [...]


I Took the Today.com Plunge

Here I go again, I’m loading my plate up again. I recently joined the Today.com blogging community. Why did I do it? Hmmm, money, I guess? Here’s the scoop Just like most of you, I’m always looking for new ways to make residual income. The upfront payment (you know trading time for dollars) is grand, [...]


Bukisa – Help Your Network Help You

Since I joined Bukisa and have been lucky enough to have a couple of people sign up as a result, I found that Bukisa does one more thing that eHow doesn’t do. Wait let me see if I can phrase this without sounding extremely self-centered. Helping Others eHow has a great online community. The forums [...]


What’s the Twitter about Twitter?

I’ve come across the mention of Twitter on several blogs. Several well-respected blogs, I might add. I haven’t joined and am wondering what the fascination with it is. Yesterday was the first time that I even “used” Twitter. Well, I didn’t really use it, I followed Bukisa’s Twitter link because it had the most updated [...]


Bukisa is a startup content providing site that pays freelance writers residual income based on a per page view basis. Unlike sites like eHow and Suite 101 that pay writers based on a portion of ad clicks, Bukisa pays writers on a set rate per thousand page views. For me this is a new format [...]


The economy isn’t something that I can control. I can’t control the rising unemployment numbers or the falling stock market. I sure can’t control the rising food and energy prices and the current housing market decline. As bleak as this all sounds, I can’t let it get me down because there is one thing I [...]


The Trick to Substantial Residual Income

There is no secret to earning a substantial residual income stream. Many freelance writers are doing it, why not join them? Actually, when you think about it, in these economic times, can you afford not to join them?


EHow, Demand Studios – Can I write for both?

Are you violating any of the eHow or Demand Studios terms and conditions if you write for both? Can it be done? After all, up front payment from Demand Studios plus the eHow residual income sounds too good to be true.