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Associated Content

A Second Look at Associated Content

I’m looking at content sites through a different pair of sunglasses this go ‘round. When I first started writing online I looked at contents sites strictly as a source of income. It gave me a chance to hone my writing skills and make money at the same time. With the recent changes, my view of [...]


Learning from the Suite 101 Google Smack Down

Let me start this post by admitting I’m not an Internet expert. I’m just a woman who liked creating websites, playing around with images and writing. My website creation, writing and photo hobby turned into a full-time career. Those are my only qualifications when it comes to this Internet beast. That being said, I learned [...]


How Writers Make Money at Associated Content

With this post I’m asking Associated Content writers for their input and opinion. I had signed up with Associated Content but never really did any writing for them. It was my full intention to publish a few articles, but time constraints and frankly absent mindedness stopped me. Lately I’ve been reading quite a few posts [...]