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C’mon Phishers, You can Do Better than That!

I opened my email program this morning and this was one of the emails I received last night: The hyperlink for “sing-in” leads to http://www.azinetur.com/cc.php. Just for grins I clicked on the link to see how elaborate of a bait and switch plan these phishers put together, but I didn’t get too far. This is [...]

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Sites that Pay Freelance Writers

Now that I’m actively looking to earn more money writing, I’ve been roaming around the Internet looking for writing gigs that pay. In my roaming I came across the site Writers in Charge. Writers in Charge has two blog posts which list a total of over 70 paying writing gigs. The first post I stumbled [...]


Giving Constant Content a Whirl

Some time ago I wrote a post on Constant Content.  Actually, the post was about Constant Content and Celeste Stewart’s book, Celeste Stewart’s Secrets to Success on Constant-Content.com.  Anyway, I’m writing to share my teeny tiny experience with giving Constant Content a try. Going Around the Mountain I have a very small history with CC.  [...]


Finding a Part-Time Job

Well, here it is. Felicia at No Job for Mom is admitting that she’s working a part-time job.  That job is writing articles for Demand Media Studios (again). My residuals have taken quite a beating and it’s time for me to do something to stem the tide.  As I’ve done before, I’m taking my Demand [...]


A Suite Mistake

I can’t actually call it a mistake, but I can say I’m dealing with the fallout of having placed my articles on Suite 101. Plagiarist’s Shopping Ground Apparently Suite 101 was the go to place for plagiarists. I knew it as a problem, but chose to occupy myself elsewhere and not deal with it. Only [...]


Suite101: All Good Things Must Come to an End

Suite 101  is undergoing a transformation. They’ve switched from the old individual article-writing model to more of a collaborative effort type of model. It reminds me of Wikipedia. One of the major differences I see, however, between the Wikipedia model and Suite’s is the author attribution. I tend not to use Wikipedia as the gospel, [...]


Until the Wheels Fall Off

A while ago Ken Crawford (where are you Ken?) used a phrase that I liked. He said once you find something that works, ride it until the wheels fall off. Well, that’s sort of what I’m doing with Demand Studios. The Honeymoon is Over Before it began my honeymoon ended. Of the few articles I [...]


Tip Toeing into Demand Studios Again

The more things change, the more they stay the same. It was several years ago when I wrote my first post  about Demand Studios, and here I am writing about Demand Studios again (Thanks for the suggestion, Diane). What’s Different? This time around there are two major changes: Demand Studios My Attitude Demand Studios The [...]


Another Writing Opportunity: MakeUseOf

I came across a writing opportunity that I thought was interesting. The name of the site is MakeUseOf.com. MakeUseOf is a cool site that offers how to’s, guides, downloads and shout outs to new and cool websites. It’s geared towards helping its readers make the best of the latest computer technologies. They cover Windows, Mac [...]


Back to Suite

I recently made the decision to pick up where I left off at Suite 101. Things have changed quite a bit at Suite so I’m no longer the Insurance Feature Writer, but I have agreed to write at least one article a month to meet the Feature Writer requirement. Making the Decision After the Panda [...]