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Extreme Heat and the Freelance Writer

The longer I work as an online freelance writer the more perks I find. Many of us are living through a pretty intense heat wave right now. I’m probably one of the few people that is thoroughly enjoying it. I’ve always had a preference for heat as opposed to cold. The only time the heat [...]


Backing Up a Bit

I realized that my last post might be a bit discouraging to a newbie.  I feel I need to back it up a bit for folks who don’t know my story. My last post talks about my shock and weak-kneed reaction to earning over $100 in one day with Google AdSense. What some of you [...]


With my new online writing strategy I decided to go through my existing blogs, my computer hard drive, my hosting account, databases and anything else that’s related to earning money online and clean out the deadwood. Because I’ve created and discontinued so many blogs, my HostGator account had quite a few unused databases so I [...]


Small Steps to Success

A long time ago I wanted to work from home. So now I do. After I worked from home I realized that I didn’t like the job-like feeling of writing for up-front paying sites, so now I write mainly for sites that pay on the residual model. I then realized I preferred creating my own [...]


Looking at Things Differently

In the good ol’ days (pre-panda and pre-WCP closure), I used to write articles based on what I was doing. When I was reformatting my computer and ran into a problem, I’d find the solution and write an article about it. When I figured out how and when to transplant a hydrangea bush, I’d write [...]


Panda and the Lottery

When I stop to think about things, I think of Panda much the same as I feel about the lottery. Personally, I don’t play the lottery, but I’ve watched documentaries on TV about lottery winners. The sad fact is that so many of the lottery winners who were barely making ends meet before winning the [...]


Online Writing: Do You

With the kids on spring break, my daughter and I (along with her best friend and her best friend’s mom) took a trip to the city. I call it “The City” because I’m a born and raised Bronx gal. We call Manhattan, “The City.” If you’re a New Yorker, the city needs no further defining. [...]


Is No Job for Mom Obsolete?

Floppy Disc by Sundeip Arora

After Panda gave a swipe at the content farms with his chubby little paw, I had to stop and wonder, “Is NJFM obsolete?”  After all, this blog is heavily based on earning money as a freelance writer through residual sources. If you look under the Opportunities section, you’ll find a host of sites that utilize [...]


Decision Makers: Knee, Brain or Gut

The recent changes in the Google algorithm has made me realize how much I’ve matured over the years as an individual and a writer. My decision making process and response to unexpected situations has evolved. The Knee When I was much younger (and a newbie writer), and the unexpected happened, I would react in a [...]


I subscribe to the Brian Tracy quote of the day email, and I received this quote the day after the Google smack down. I thought it was appropriate. “Always look at what you have left. Never look at what you have lost.” — Robert Schuller, Clergyman While my Suite earnings took a beating, I’m still [...]