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Remove Self-Limiting Blogging Expectations

The mere fact that I have a blog about working from home doesn’t make me an expert on the subject. There are some things I know, and a whole lot that I don’t know. I’ve found that I started to impose an unrealistic level of expectation. I thought that I had to be an “expert” [...]


Make Blogging Easier – Blog Your Life

Every so often, I get the question from would-be bloggers “What Should I Blog About?” My response, depending on whether or not I’m in an inquisitive mode or not is usually either “Blog what you’re passionate about,” or I ask, “What do you like to do?” Some time ago, I decided I wanted to write [...]


When Blogging Gets Tough, Press On

It’s no secret that a parent working from home has an additional challenge during the summer months. Keeping up with the regular writing, editing and posting routine is a lot easier when the children are in school. Unfortunately, they do get a rather extensive summer break and your blogging is affected by it. There are [...]


What do you want your blog to be famous for?

Do you ever stop to think about your blog’s legacy? As silly as it may sound, think about it for a minute. More than just a great way to make money, why do you blog? The other day I was flipping through the channels (yes, when you work from home sometimes you catch a few [...]


Getting the most bang for your blogging buck

After I converted this website into a blog, I realized that I wanted more than just a blogging hobby. What I really want is a generous source of revenue from this No Job for Mom blog. To that end, I realized, as an owner of a new blog, how can I get the most bang [...]


Sometimes I analyze my blog’s statistics to see how people access the No Job for Mom blog. I was quite interested to see that several web surfers are interested in oDesk and are more than likely preparing to take the oDesk readiness test. oDesk Queries There are many search queries for “oDesk readiness test answers” [...]


Can You Really Work from Home with Kids?

Many parents want to work from home so they can spend quality time with their kids. The thought of sitting in a cubicle while your child is in day care doesn’t sit right with some parents. Parents are caught between a rock and a hard place. They need to make money in order to make [...]


An Important Ingredient for a Successful Blog

Since making the decision to become a successful blogger, I’ve been checking out other successful bloggers. By successful, I mean they blog full time and their blogs provide the financial means for them to do it. A few characteristics of successful bloggers In each of the articles I’ve come across the two things I have [...]


What are Your Blogging Goals?

You’ve started a blog, but where is it going? Are you one of those who want to become a full-time blogger allowing the income from your blog to sustain you? If so, what are you doing to achieve it? After spending quite a bit of time wandering around the blog-o-sphere, I realized that I want [...]


In an earlier post I mentioned that there are many money making opportunities on the internet and that folks looking to make serious money should continue looking. Although it is very important to continue to write for your own blog and to post new and unique content, you’ve also got to keep looking for ways [...]