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What’s Up with the Amazon Traffic?

The other night I noticed a temporary surge in traffic on several of my sites. Around the same time I noticed a surge in my Suite 101 traffic too. On my own sites I could tell the referrer was Amazon. Most of the traffic was coming from Seattle, Washington and Fresno, California. There were one [...]


Why I Haven’t Squeezed You

Internet marketing 101 states: The money is in the list. If you don’t have a list, stop now and build one. Internet Marketing 102 states: Create a squeeze page. Give ‘em something free so they’ll sign up. NJFM is a No Pressure Zone Internet Marketing 101 and 102 might work for other sites and other [...]


November Traffic Down 17%

It’s the end of the month and time for me to look at what I did during the month and how I can improve on things going forward. In reviewing my numbers I see that my overall traffic is down. I did a quick analysis of my top 6 sites and have found an average [...]


The Panda Returns

You know something is up when you walk into a room and the kids suddenly get quiet and each of them has “that look” on their face. A mother’s gut knows something is up. Well, when I clicked on my statistics page for my page views, one of my sites had “that look” while the [...]


How Do You Drive Traffic?

I thought I’d write this post because every so often I receive comments about driving traffic to a blog or site. I’m not so crazy about the term driving traffic, because when you’re stuck in traffic, the only vehicle you can control is your own. On the internet super highway, your blog is your vehicle [...]


I mentioned a little while ago that one of my blogs received the kibosh from Google and was tossed in the sandbox. I’m not concerned because it is a new blog and sometimes new blogs get sandboxed. I think what might have triggered my sandbox stint is that I added several posts in one day. [...]


Fitting a Square Peg in a Round Hole

As some of you may know I’m on a diversification quest (after Panda, most of us are). To that end I’m attempting to create niche sites. My initial goal was to search for products that I either use or endorse and create niche sites around them promoting the product. In addition to selling the product, [...]


To Backlink or Not to Backlink

In reviewing my stats the other day, the question of backlinking came to mind. You see, back in mid September, 2010 I registered 5 new domain names.  It took me from September, 2010 to December, 2010 to finally set up the WordPress template and add content to the blogs.  I didn’t add much content to [...]


I recently received an email from a reader on the topic of networking and advertising. In essence, she wanted to know the best method for networking with other freelance writers and getting the word out about her new blog. I prefaced my response by saying that I’m probably not the best person to ask about [...]


What is Alexa and Why Should I Care?

There appears to be two rating systems that have clout on the internet.  There are probably more, but these two keep popping up every time I look at revenue generating sources.  They are Google page rank and Alexa ranking. Google Most folks know about Google.  The more traffic Google sends your way, the higher your [...]