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Page Rank

Folks are always looking for new fangled ways to get backlinks and traffic. I’ve blogged about them before and won’t bore you with blogging about them again. The reason I bring the topic up again today is because I received an email from a lady requesting that I write/blog about her site, Travel Babees.com. While [...]


Giving Back to Your Blog’s Loyal Readers

I feel like a kid in a candy shop. I’ve been blogging with WordPress now for approximately three months and am just beginning to see the possibilities. WordPress has so many plugins that can enhance my blog and give back to my loyal readers that my head is spinning. Commentluv The latest plugin I came [...]


Page Rank and Pay Per Post

There was a comment in the myLot forum that stated that Pay Per Post will only accept blogs with a page rank. While there are some pay for posting sites that only accept ranked blogs Pay Per Post is not one of them. Don’t get me wrong, page rank will definitely improve one’s money making [...]


How to Discover Your Internet Marketing Niche

Internet niche marketing is focusing your marketing efforts on one area of a particular topic and marketing the heck out of it. Once you discover your marketing niche, you must become the resident expert in that particular area. If just can’t seem to discover your marketing niche, here are a few tips to help you [...]