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Page Rank

Google Indexing Speed

Some time ago, I wrote a post about switching one of my Google-step-child-sites from a hand coded site to a Joomla site. I made the switch because I originally hand coded the site several years ago and things have changed since then (and I’ve learned a lot since then). Not to belabor the point (for [...]


DoFollow vs NoFollow Backlinks

Crystal brought up a good question the other day and I didn’t have the answer. So I thought I’d do a little research, write about what I found and post it here. We both (Crystal and I) would love to hear your thoughts on DoFollow and NoFollow backlinks. Before I go into DoFollow and NoFollow [...]


Working Smarter to Enjoy Google Favor

Recently I tried an unscientific experiment. I wrote three articles all targeting the same keywords. Although the keywords were the same, each article was unique, approaching the topic from a different angle. I then decided to place one article on Suite 101, one on HubPages and one on eHow. After posting the articles I searched [...]


From $0 to $35 a Day

From time to time I find threads on forums that I find to be very interesting and informative. With information overload occurring quite frequently, I find that I usually save or .pdf some threads to come back to them later. Here’s a thread on the Warrior Forum started by one of the users. The topic [...]


The Not So Bad Newbie Mistake

When I first starting playing around with web design and creating websites, I utilized free article sites like Ezine Articles and Article Database for content. At first I wrote 100% of my content. Then I started adding free articles so the ratio switched to 50-50. Over time, I think the ratio changed a bit more [...]


Using Google Analytics

I’m sooo confused. Some time ago I added Google Analytics code on a few of my sites to get a better feel statistically on how they’re actually doing.  Being the statistic watcher that I am, I thought “What the heck.  It couldn’t hurt.”  Well, no I don’t think it hurts, but it does confuse. There [...]


Niche Sites, Keywords and Marketing

Since I’m in the process of creating a niche website, I thought I would try to do it right this time. I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to earn money when I didn’t know what I was doing, now I’m going to try to take my time and do it right this go [...]


What is Alexa and Why Should I Care?

There appears to be two rating systems that have clout on the internet.  There are probably more, but these two keep popping up every time I look at revenue generating sources.  They are Google page rank and Alexa ranking. Google Most folks know about Google.  The more traffic Google sends your way, the higher your [...]


What Not to Do When Creating a Website

I’ve made mention from time to time about my website mistakes. After playing around with it a little over the weekend, I thought it would be nice to share with you the “What not to do’s” when it comes to creating a website. I’m able to create this list because it’s everything that I did [...]


Social Networking – When is Enough Enough?

Most of us who have been around the internet for any period of time understand the need for social networking. Social networking is an online community of folks with similar interests. The purpose of each network varies, but in the freelance writing community, the more popular social networking sites are usually used as a way of promoting articles and gaining a loyal following.