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Page Rank

Scrapers, Spam and No Follow

When I turn on the computer in the morning, one of the first things I do is review yesterday’s stats. Sometimes I’ll check to see where the views are coming from. When I find something unusual, I track it back to learn more. This morning I saw an unusual referrer. Not wanting to give attention [...]


Tennessee Tuxedo Strikes!

The old schoolers know who Tennessee Tuxedo is.  For you young folks, Tennessee Tuxedo is the penguin in the old cartoon of the same name who had the sidekick Chumley.  Google’s latest Penguin algorithm change brought the old character to mind. This penguin algorithm change is supposed to weed out web spam. How Penguin Affected [...]


The Panda Returns

You know something is up when you walk into a room and the kids suddenly get quiet and each of them has “that look” on their face. A mother’s gut knows something is up. Well, when I clicked on my statistics page for my page views, one of my sites had “that look” while the [...]


Lipstick on a Pig

Most of us start new sites/blogs because we have a passion for the subject matter. Well, let me re-phrase that. There are some sites we create because we’re passionate about the topic and other sites we create for the money. If the moneymaking sites don’t make money, I recommend getting rid of them because unless [...]


I Thought So

Being the numbers junkie that I am, I keep close track of my earnings, and to a lesser degree my page views. I especially keep track of my Google earnings to get an indication if Panda is morphing into a kinder or meaner type of animal. According to my numbers, somewhere around September 22nd, things [...]


Peeking Out of the Sandbox

Peeking out of the Google Sandbox

About a month ago I wrote how my new site was an apparent victim of the Google Sandbox. My strategy for getting the blog out of the sandbox is the exact same strategy I used for getting it tossed in the sandbox. My strategy was to post high-quality articles to the site once a week [...]


Life in the Sandbox

As a blogger or webmaster, one of the last things you want to hear is that your site is in the Google sandbox. To some it is a fate worst than death. Once in the sandbox site owners lament, question why and attempt to work feverishly to get out of it. It is what it [...]


Playing in the Google Sandbox

When I did usual stats check this morning, I was surprised to see that I had only received 15 page views on my new site yesterday and only 1 page view today. I know it’s Easter weekend and all, but 15 page views? Something was amiss. I looked at my page views to see they [...]


Google, Content Farms and Diversification

Google Blog

If you write for Suite, HubPages or some of the other “content farms” you may have noticed a drop in traffic in the last day or two. The traffic drop is most likely due to recent changes in Google’s algorithm. Diversify, Diversify, Diversify You’ve heard it before and it bears repeating again. If you have [...]


Things One of My Blogs Taught Me

I decided to truly analyze one of my blogs that started earning money from the first month of being on the web. That surprised me because it doesn’t get a lot of traffic. Since it consistently earns money each month, I decided to see what I had done differently on that blog that I had [...]