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Surprising Income Increase by Tweaking Old Blogs

Income Increase

Warning: If you’ve been blogging continuously without taking a long hiatus, you don’t really need to read this post. You already know that responsive ads increase income. ### By tweaking my old blogs during the month of August I realized a 1.7% decrease in traffic and a 74% increase in income! Don’t be too impressed. [...]


Tennessee Tuxedo Strikes!

The old schoolers know who Tennessee Tuxedo is.  For you young folks, Tennessee Tuxedo is the penguin in the old cartoon of the same name who had the sidekick Chumley.  Google’s latest Penguin algorithm change brought the old character to mind. This penguin algorithm change is supposed to weed out web spam. How Penguin Affected [...]


A Lot Going on Online

I’ve been spending a little time reading about the latest Google fallout. It appears Google is penalizing and de-indexing sites that used “unnatural links” to improve page ranking. By unnatural links, they are referring to paid for backlinking strategies and/or backlinking networks. It sounds like Google prefers sites to develop natural backlinks. In other words, [...]


Ready, Aim…Shoot Self in the Foot!

From time to time I experiment with different plugins to enhance my blog’s functionality (functionality…such a tech writing word).  Anyway, I use a plugin that is supposed to help detect hack attacks. After having a couple of my blogs hacked some time ago, I’m a bit sensitive to hacking. The plugin I use is called [...]


A Few Mouse Clicks to 62% AdSense Earnings Increase

Maybe it’s a bit early to share my latest discovery, but a few clicks in my Google AdSense interface resulted in a 62% earnings increase. If you’re an AdSense publisher, I’m sure you’re familiar with the warning atop of your AdSense account. The warning tells you that your ads are displaying on unauthorized sites. The [...]


Google’s Panda Part Duex.5

It’s my belief that Panda has a 1, 2 punch. The first part of the punch is obvious in the form of reduced traffic. As I’ve mentioned in my last post, my Tidbits and Stuff site was smacked by the Panda. Traffic dropped by about 40% (Panda’s first punch). Although Tidbits used to get a [...]


The Panda Returns

You know something is up when you walk into a room and the kids suddenly get quiet and each of them has “that look” on their face. A mother’s gut knows something is up. Well, when I clicked on my statistics page for my page views, one of my sites had “that look” while the [...]


I Thought So

Being the numbers junkie that I am, I keep close track of my earnings, and to a lesser degree my page views. I especially keep track of my Google earnings to get an indication if Panda is morphing into a kinder or meaner type of animal. According to my numbers, somewhere around September 22nd, things [...]


Getting Used to Google’s New Interface

Since receiving the e-mail from Google in which they advise that the old AdSense interface will soon be disabled  and the new one enhanced, I realized it was time for me to start getting warm and fuzzy with the new one. As I clicked around the new interface I found that I had a few [...]


Google’s View on Article Marketing

If you haven’t viewed Matt Cutts’ explanation of how Google views article marketing, I think it’s worth a look see.   Early in my online career I not only tried article marketing but also used articles from free directories on my first website. Shortly thereafter I abandoned both practices as they didn’t yield the results [...]