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Why I Won’t Officially Bury NJFM

NJFM Not Resting

From time to time I remember the good old days of NJFM. I think those were my happiest blogging days. I still have several blogs online, but NJFM was always my favorite. Why? Because I was able to just be me. I didn’t worry much about SEO and political correctness; I was just me. As [...]


An Entire Year of No Blog Posts

August 25

It’s been a full year since I’ve written a post to the No Job for Mom blog (shame on me). What has been happening in this past year? Well first and foremost, I’m a grandma! It doesn’t get much better than that! I won’t go on gushing about my grandchild. Suffice it to say he’s [...]


What’s up with NJFM?


I’m changing things around here again. I’m going for the simple, no frills version of NJFM. I don’t think the change will make much of a difference for my flow of traffic because traffic to NJFM is a mere trickle. Why the Blog Change? I’ve changed. While I still write often (off line), I don’t [...]