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Working from Home

Writing 500 Words A Day

500 Words a Day

Writing 500 words a day, what a concept!  It’s been around forever and I’m just getting on the bandwagon!  Thank you, Hope Clark, over at Funds for Writers.  I don’t always read newsletters that end up in my inbox, but in Hope’s January 5, 2018, Message from Editor she states, “I begin writing Sunday – [...]


Finding a Part-Time Job

Well, here it is. Felicia at No Job for Mom is admitting that she’s working a part-time job.  That job is writing articles for Demand Media Studios (again). My residuals have taken quite a beating and it’s time for me to do something to stem the tide.  As I’ve done before, I’m taking my Demand [...]


Time to Write

Whether I want to or not, I think it’s for me to get back to writing. It’s no secret that my income has dropped significantly. My monthly income for the past few months have been hovering a little over the $1000 mark. I really can’t complain because it is residual income, but it’s a far [...]


Out of Communication for a Bit

I was one of the fortunate folks to have been hit by the recent early winter storm. As a result, I’m in the dark. Our generator pull string decided to give up the ghost so we’re really in the dark. No power, no Internet, no hot water…life is good! I’m thankful for our  gym membership [...]


High Tech Brain Storming Tools

I wanted to share with you some of the high-tech tools I use when I have a brainstorming session. Since I am taking a new direction in my online writing, I find that brainstorming is something that I do almost on a daily basis. Once my path is set, I’ll brainstorm less often, but there’s [...]


Extreme Heat and the Freelance Writer

The longer I work as an online freelance writer the more perks I find. Many of us are living through a pretty intense heat wave right now. I’m probably one of the few people that is thoroughly enjoying it. I’ve always had a preference for heat as opposed to cold. The only time the heat [...]


My Traveling Office

The weather is cold and I’d much prefer walking in a warm balmy climate, but I find that walking for a couple of miles does much to clear my mind and help my writing flow (no matter how cold it is). The only problem with going for a walk is that my best ideas seem [...]


Welcome to the Buffet

On occasion I like to cook a lot. When I do cook a large quantity of food, I pull out the heating dishes, arrange the food buffet style and invite my guest to partake. In addition to the food I provide the necessary plates, spoons forks, dishes, napkins, cups and beverage. My guests are free [...]


Oh No She Didn’t!!!

Let me calm down for a minute before I complete this post…. Okay, I’m calm. Yesterday a young college student looking to earn money for a scholarship came to my house asking if we would sign up for a magazine subscription. The credit for the magazine would help her score points for her scholarship. Having [...]


Sometimes There’s Not Much to Say

I realized that I haven’t posted here for about a week or so. This post is to touch base with you guys to let you know I didn’t fall off the face of the earth. It seems that real life has been getting between me and my keyboard. Careful What You Wish (Plan) For Many [...]