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Self Employed

Peek-A-Boo, I’m back (for now)

I woke up this morning to find that my site was nowhere to be found. Imagine my shock when I typed in my URL and found a blank white page. I’ve got to say, a white page is a nice place to start, but since I’ve been blogging here for a couple of years, a [...]


Digging Out of the Snow

I’m back…finally. I’ve had enough of this indoor camping stuff and I’m glad to be back online. Actually, it really wasn’t that bad. We have a couple of generators so we had lights and I was able to run the portable heaters (I bought the heaters a little while ago when I thought I had [...]


EGADS, They’re Home Again…

Let me start this post by saying that I love my children! They are the driving force for just about everything I do. After all, this blog would be called “No Job for This Woman” rather than “No Job for Mom” if I weren’t a mom. Home from School That being said…they’re home from school [...]


A NJFM Shout Out

I have to give a shout out to Grandma. Grandma is one of the frequent readers and contributors to this blog. She’s especially knowledgeable about the goings on over at Textbroker. In the midst of her freelance writing Grandma discovered a need that was not being met by the existing ‘articles for sale’ type of [...]


My USA Today Interview about eHow

Wow, I was mentioned in a USA Today article about Richard Rosenblatt, the owner of Demand Media which owns eHow and Demand Studios among other online sites. About a week or so ago I was interviewed by Jeff Graham of USA Today. I didn’t get too excited because I’ve been interviewed before by other reporters [...]


I was on Kidgas’ blog today and his final statement on a recent post made me chuckle “Just wish that passive income was less active.” He’s got a point, but residual income becomes more passive and less active over time. The amount of initial activity usually depends on two things: How much money you want [...]


Oh Those Plagiarists…

Grandma, I think you’ll get a kick out of this post. Just recently you made a comment about your frustration with folks who steal content. Being new to Xomba, I decided to set a daily schedule of adding Xomblurbs/Xombytes. It seems that the successful Xombies (??) are those who post new content on a regular [...]


Writing – The Mind/Body Connection

Last night I had the pleasure of attending parents’ night at my daughter’s school. It’s my annual chance to follow my daughter’s class schedule to undergo a condensed version of her day. I started out in her homeroom and then walked around the school going to all nine of her classes. At the end of [...]


Playing the Weekly Writing Paycheck Game

Am I the only silly one or do you guys play the paycheck game? For those of you who are not familiar with the game, the object is to constantly increase one’s weekly paycheck from month to month. Here are the rules: The first month of the freelance writer’s paycheck game is all about setup [...]


Jack of all trades, master of…

As a freelance writer, I find that I am a jack of all trades and a master of very few. Part of becoming a successful writer is the ability to do research, digest information and spit it out in your own way with your own flair. How well one does this can be a double-edged [...]