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Become a Well-Paid Freelance Writer

The internet has made it much easier for freelance writers to earn a substantial income. With a little planning and persistence, a freelance writer can develop more writing opportunities than there is time to meet all of the writing obligations. A wise freelance writer can build a writing business so that she will never have [...]


There is an ever-increasing number of people who are unsatisfied with their jobs. Some people will stay at the job and gripe, moan and complain while others, decide to do something about it. The complainers who remain at their unfulfilling job justify their decision to stay by giving reasons such as, I need the money, [...]


Suite101.com calls itself an online magazine. It’s a content rich site whose articles are contributed by freelance writers which allow the writers to earn internet income. The freelance writers are broken into two categories, Feature Writers and Contributing Writers. Feature Writers are responsible for their particular section of expertise. They are required to write a [...]


As mentioned in an earlier post, there are two flavors of internet income, active and passive. Active is spending your time writing an article for which you will get paid upon submission. Passive income, my preferred income of choice, has a long payment tail. Active Income vs. Passive Income I guess the best way to [...]


I’ve found that freelance writing income comes in two flavors, passive and active. Personally I prefer passive income, but I’m not at the point in my work from home freelance writing business where I can snub the opportunity to earn active income. Working from Home Earning Active Income (Up-Front Pay) Active income is what I [...]