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Writing 500 Words A Day

500 Words a Day

Writing 500 words a day, what a concept!  It’s been around forever and I’m just getting on the bandwagon!  Thank you, Hope Clark, over at Funds for Writers.  I don’t always read newsletters that end up in my inbox, but in Hope’s January 5, 2018, Message from Editor she states, “I begin writing Sunday – [...]


Grammarly: My Unpaid Writing Editor


Grammarly has become the go-to app for my first round of document editing. I learned about it one day when I was perusing Heath and Alyssa’s blog. I came across their post entitled, Our Most-Used Tools for Project Management and discovered Grammarly. Heath and Alyssa are living my dream life. They’re traveling around in an [...]


Surprising Income Increase by Tweaking Old Blogs

Income Increase

Warning: If you’ve been blogging continuously without taking a long hiatus, you don’t really need to read this post. You already know that responsive ads increase income. ### By tweaking my old blogs during the month of August I realized a 1.7% decrease in traffic and a 74% increase in income! Don’t be too impressed. [...]


ICS – Idea Capture Spreadsheet

As promised, I’m uploading my Idea Capture Spreadsheet. As the spreadsheet title indicates, I use it to capture my ideas so I won’t forget them. On my personal copy of the spreadsheet, I’ve listed all of my websites and ebook titles. I’ve also inserted hyperlinks to the specific websites and documents. It makes it easier [...]


Guest Posting and SEO

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team, recently published a post that may help reduce my inbox spam. He advises bloggers to stop writing guest posts for SEO purposes  (key words here…SEO purposes). The practice of guest blogging has become so distorted that there are companies offering to provide “100% original” guest posts for [...]


Why Do I Write about Old Things?

Ok, my kids would answer that question differently than you or I might. The reason why I write about old things is because some people want information on old things. I’m learning not to pre-judge my audience. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. What am I Talking About? I recently wrote an article about [...]


A Full Circle Moment

Now that I’m taking a reflective view of my online writing, I realize I am coming full circle. When I started writing online I created a catch-all site called Tidbits & Stuff. I enjoyed playing around with the site and was thrilled to learn I could earn money doing something I enjoyed. Wanting to learn [...]


An Introduction

Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Felicia A. Williams and I’m a wife, mom and sometimes writer. I own a blog called No Job for Mom and a few other sites around the Internet. I used to be an avid writer/blogger but somewhere along the line my writing Mojo was high jacked. It [...]


This post is a guest post written by Linda Everett (Grandma).  After hearing about her recent ordeal, I asked her if she would share her story with the NJFM community.  There’s something to be said about the determination of a freelance writer! Writing for money generally means meeting deadlines, on time. If you miss a [...]


Keeping Up with My Rejections

The last two weeks have been very busy for me and I haven’t been sending out my daily queries. Ideally, I’d like to have several queries in the hopper so when I get a rejection, I know I still have other queries in the system. Rejection Reminder After receiving a rejection for the one query [...]