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Another Blogging Plugin-LinkWithin

Now that I’m not on a breakneck writing pace, I’ve got time to goof off a lot more. I noticed on Prerna and Kidgas’ blogs they had a neat little linking tool that linked to other posts within their blogs.  I didn’t notice it at first, but as I continued to visit their blogs, I [...]


A Rather Humbling Experience

Words of warning…don’t take writing advice from me! The other day I came across the Newsroom 101 website.  It’s a site that will put your grammatical and writing skills to the test.  They have thousands of free exercises, tutorials and general helpful information for anyone looking to make a living as a writer, especially journalistic [...]


Google Indexing Speed

Some time ago, I wrote a post about switching one of my Google-step-child-sites from a hand coded site to a Joomla site. I made the switch because I originally hand coded the site several years ago and things have changed since then (and I’ve learned a lot since then). Not to belabor the point (for [...]


Lessons Learned as an Online Freelance Writer

There are tons of self-help books, ebooks and blogs on how to become a successful freelance writer. I’ve read a few of them and I guess I’ll never make it big as a freelance writer. Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s because I no longer feel the need to prove myself, or maybe it’s because [...]


DoFollow vs NoFollow Backlinks

Crystal brought up a good question the other day and I didn’t have the answer. So I thought I’d do a little research, write about what I found and post it here. We both (Crystal and I) would love to hear your thoughts on DoFollow and NoFollow backlinks. Before I go into DoFollow and NoFollow [...]


Only Time Will Tell

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on converting one of my sites (the one Google doesn’t like), from a hand coded site to a Joomla site. The other day as I was browsing the internet (when I was supposed to be working) I came across Joomla. I don’t know what rock I’ve been [...]


Monetizing a Blog with OIO Publisher Software

OIO Publisher

If you look on the right-hand side of this blog you see ads in little squares of 125 x 125. I’m able to display those ads because I purchased a software called OIO Publisher.  It’s an ad management software. I came across the software because as I mentioned before I want to take this blog [...]


Brand Your Blog with a Favicon

Favicons are those cute little icons that are displayed next to a webpage’s URL, bookmark or internet browser tab. It helps you to brand your website or blog. After all, most folks are familiar with the white B with the orange background. I don’t even have to mention the owner of the favicon, everyone knows [...]

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Let’s compare online writing to the reality TV shows, American Idol or Britain’s Got Talent, Australia’s Next Top Model.  Most folks, whether or not you want to admit to watching these shows, are familiar with them.  Well, rather than think about the singing or modeling contestants, think about your writing. In the Beginning These shows [...]

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Keep Honing Your Writing Skills

More than learning the proper SEO techniques and how to rank high in the search engines, freelance writers must know how to write. It’s important to spend a little time honing your craft. After all, if you land a gig for an off line magazine, your SEO skills won’t be needed, but your writing skills will be.

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