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Residual Income

$1,257.33 for a Blog Post?

If I told you that I was paid $1,257.33 for a blog post would you believe me? Better yet what if I told you I had 14 blog posts that paid $1,257.33 each, would you think I was sipping something stronger than cream in my coffee? The truth is the $1,257.33 figure isn’t a solid [...]


March was Very Good to Me

March was a great online month for me. I was able to gracefully walk into the Double O Club with my head held high. I averaged about $104 a day in residual income for the month. I did spend some time writing on the Internet in March, but I placed my work on low or [...]


My Struggle with Active vs. Passive Income

Kidgas’ comment on the recent Exceeding Minimum Wage post is the inspiration for this post. If you haven’t read his comment, please go back and do so (also, check out his Cash Flow Mantra blog – he’s got some great stuff there). His comment inspired me to back up a bit and outline my inner [...]


Exceeding Minimum Wage

I finally did it! I earn more than the minimum wage! I haven’t taken a leave of my senses. I’m excited because a long time ago (March 8, 2010) I mentioned that I wanted to earn minimum wage. Although I haven’t met the goal as outlined in my earlier post, I’m on my way. While [...]


October Earnings

I don’t think I discussed my earnings in a while. They haven’t been too impressive, but I’ll share them with you anyway. October was an interesting month. I’ve been a little frustrated because my earnings have been hovering a couple of hundred dollars lower than my best month. My best residual month was March 2011, [...]


Back to Suite

I recently made the decision to pick up where I left off at Suite 101. Things have changed quite a bit at Suite so I’m no longer the Insurance Feature Writer, but I have agreed to write at least one article a month to meet the Feature Writer requirement. Making the Decision After the Panda [...]


When is a Blog Really a Dud?

My last post made me ask myself (and answer) the question of what to do with dud sites.  First, before I tell you what I do with a site that I consider a dud, I need to define a dud.  Keep in mind that this post is purely subjective and I strongly suggest that you [...]


What a Difference a Year Makes

I normally don’t post proof of my income. I don’t really think it’s necessary because you guys know that I shoot from the hip and tell you like it is. However, I think that showing you a screen clip of my earnings will help you see what making a few adjustments can do. Below I’m [...]


In Response to an Email

This post is inspired by e-mail I received from one of my readers. This reader is familiar with online writing in that he has earned money writing for sites that pay up front. Now he’s looking to increase his residual income stream (smart move). The reader was interested in my opinion on content sites post [...]


Life in the Sandbox

As a blogger or webmaster, one of the last things you want to hear is that your site is in the Google sandbox. To some it is a fate worst than death. Once in the sandbox site owners lament, question why and attempt to work feverishly to get out of it. It is what it [...]