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Earning Money

Chitika Referral Program

Ok, I know this sounds like I’m a Chitika cheerleader, but I can’t help but get a little juiced when I see my earnings increase with little to no effort on my part. The kicker is that my traffic has not turned around (yet). My mid-month Chitika earnings have already surpassed last month’s earnings. I [...]


Mini Chitika Update

I usually don’t like to share updates on experiments in progress because I’ve found initial results aren’t always the same as final results, but I was so surprised at the initial results I decided to share my findings so far. Keep in mind this experiment is very young. What I did: On a couple of [...]


The Little Chitika Engine that Could

I know it’s been a while since I posted here, but I just had to share an observation. As you know, the last Google algorithm change has affected my income. My income and traffic decline has been slow and steady. Back in March, my residual income was in excess of $3,000. Last month, it came [...]


Infolinks Hiccup

I’m still a fan of Infolinks but I do want to share a recent scenario. Infolinks has made a lot of changes and upgrades to their user interface. I’m thinking that with those changes a few things broke in the process. The broken item in my case is the ability to get paid. They changed [...]



When I come to NJFM I swear I can hear crickets and the wind howling through this ghost town. Unfortunately, there’s very little new to report here. Let’s see if I can sum it up: My earnings were just a smidge higher in July than they were in June. My July earnings were $1,573.88. My [...]


Not So Impressive Earnings

Wow, it’s the middle of June and I haven’t posted my May numbers. How have things been going? Well, my income has been declining steadily. Am I upset? Well, sort of yes and sort of no. I know that if I spent the time figuring out how to stop the decline, I most probably would [...]


The Ups and Downs of Online Earnings

March was a great earning month for me. I was a member of the Double O Club. Unfortunately, I was booted out of the club in April. Oh well, easy come, easy go. The Google Factor Google’s Penguin algorithm change affected my most lucrative sites. I believe I had additional problems caused by the many [...]


Tennessee Tuxedo Strikes!

The old schoolers know who Tennessee Tuxedo is.  For you young folks, Tennessee Tuxedo is the penguin in the old cartoon of the same name who had the sidekick Chumley.  Google’s latest Penguin algorithm change brought the old character to mind. This penguin algorithm change is supposed to weed out web spam. How Penguin Affected [...]


March was Very Good to Me

March was a great online month for me. I was able to gracefully walk into the Double O Club with my head held high. I averaged about $104 a day in residual income for the month. I did spend some time writing on the Internet in March, but I placed my work on low or [...]


Chatting about Money & Interest

I realize I haven’t written about my income in a while. This is partly because there haven’t been any major changes and partly because I haven’t been doing too much writing. December 2011 was my highest residual income month of $3,037. That was the first month where I snuck in the back door of the [...]