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Niche Sites

KerPlunk – Dropping Google AdSense Earnings

I was wondering what I did wrong, but then I realized, it wasn’t me, it was Google. I’ve noticed that my AdSense earnings across the board have dropped quite a bit since last November. Part of the reason for the drop is that the traffic to one of my sites has dropped by about 50% [...]


Oh No, Not Another Blogging 101

I thought about creating a series on blogging giving it the ever so creative and unique name of “Blogging 101.” After I thought about it for a while, I realized that I’m no bogging expert. Yes I do blog and yes I do make a penny or two from it but if you’re going to [...]


Here’s One for Working Smarter

As most of you know, I’m a statistics junkie (there, I admitted it). I’ve cut back on the amount of statistics I track because I found that stat tracking could be a full time job. That being said, I inadvertently ran an experiment. The experiment solidified my belief that it’s so much better to work [...]


From $0 to $35 a Day

From time to time I find threads on forums that I find to be very interesting and informative. With information overload occurring quite frequently, I find that I usually save or .pdf some threads to come back to them later. Here’s a thread on the Warrior Forum started by one of the users. The topic [...]


Niche Sites, Keywords and Marketing

Since I’m in the process of creating a niche website, I thought I would try to do it right this time. I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to earn money when I didn’t know what I was doing, now I’m going to try to take my time and do it right this go [...]


When Blogging Gets Tough, Press On

It’s no secret that a parent working from home has an additional challenge during the summer months. Keeping up with the regular writing, editing and posting routine is a lot easier when the children are in school. Unfortunately, they do get a rather extensive summer break and your blogging is affected by it. There are [...]