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Chitika Referral Program

Ok, I know this sounds like I’m a Chitika cheerleader, but I can’t help but get a little juiced when I see my earnings increase with little to no effort on my part. The kicker is that my traffic has not turned around (yet). My mid-month Chitika earnings have already surpassed last month’s earnings. I [...]


Mini Chitika Update

I usually don’t like to share updates on experiments in progress because I’ve found initial results aren’t always the same as final results, but I was so surprised at the initial results I decided to share my findings so far. Keep in mind this experiment is very young. What I did: On a couple of [...]


The Little Chitika Engine that Could

I know it’s been a while since I posted here, but I just had to share an observation. As you know, the last Google algorithm change has affected my income. My income and traffic decline has been slow and steady. Back in March, my residual income was in excess of $3,000. Last month, it came [...]


Thanks Google AdSense Team

Yesterday I received an email from the Google AdSense team. The email advised that I was under utilizing ad space on my site. Apparently they had gone though one of my sites and noted that I was only using two Google ad units when I could actually use three. In their email they included the [...]


Oh My, Keep Feeding that Panda!

I know I’ve said that my blogs have done pretty well since the Panda algorithm change, but yesterday was a nice surprise. I reached a milestone in that yesterday my Google AdSense earnings reached $50 in one day! When Panda struck in the US on February 24th, my Google earnings in the month of February [...]


Why I Started Using Chitika Again

Some time ago I used Chitika as a way to monetize my sites. The setup was easy. All I had to do was sign in, configure the ad size and color to match my site and place the code on my blog/website. I thought of Chitika sort of like how I thought of Google AdSense. [...]