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Selling Old Books on Amazon

I came across a video the other day on how to sell things on Amazon (yes, I’m late to the Amazon party). I’ve always used Amazon to buy things but never to sell anything. For those of you who were clueless (like me) about selling things on Amazon, embedded below is a concise and informative [...]


Thanks Google AdSense Team

Yesterday I received an email from the Google AdSense team. The email advised that I was under utilizing ad space on my site. Apparently they had gone though one of my sites and noted that I was only using two Google ad units when I could actually use three. In their email they included the [...]


Okay, I finally made it.  I finally earned $20,000 in residual income this year.  When I went to bed last night I was 26 cents away from my milestone.  When I woke up this morning, I had surpassed it! Of course after a momentary celebration, I had to take a more detailed look at how [...]


Add Your Blog to Amazon Kindle for Blogs

While combing the internet instead of writing, I came across a post on the Make Money with Your Brain blog  about adding your blog to Kindle. So, of course I went over to Amazon and accessed the Kindle Publishing for Blogs page to check it out. Quick and Easy Kindle Sign Up Process It took [...]