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Just a Google Thought

I look at the state of the economy and try to grasp how we got here.  It’s blamed on too much spending, not enough saving, bottoming out of the real estate market, etc., etc., etc. I then look at my online writing income and wonder if there is a possibility of a virtual melt down [...]


Earn, Test and Earn with eHow

When I signed up to write for eHow I knew that I would eventually earn money.  However, the longer I write for eHow, the more valuable it becomes.  Not in the dollar and cents type of value, but a pre-testing the market type of value. Topic Variety The good thing about it is that with [...]


Is it Possible to Earn $100 a Day Online?

I recently purchased a downloadable e-book entitled “20 Ways to Make $100 Per Day Online.” I found out about the e-book as a result of a newsletter I subscribe to. I’ve purchased one or two products in the past as a result of this newsletter and was satisfied, so I thought what the heck, let’s [...]


Diversify for Sanity

There’s the eHow GRRRRR, the Suite 101 question as to whether or not it’s a Canadian holiday, and the Kontera notification of internal software update errors . All sites have issues updating their numbers from time to time. Whether it’s the page views or the income numbers, there are times (it seems to be happening [...]


Inserting Amazon Affiliate Links

This post is a response to a comment that I received on my eHow – The Gift that Keeps Giving post. In the earlier post I mentioned that I use my Amazon affiliate links in some of my eHow articles. I wasn’t very explicit when I wrote the post and it generated a comment question [...]


eHow – The Gift That Keeps Giving

If you’ve been tracking my progress on eHow, you will see that the income is growing each month. The one thing that I have not accounted for in my post is the earnings that I make from affiliates as a result of my eHow articles. The Amazon Factor As an Amazon Associate, I periodically place [...]


My eHow Experiment

I’ve been away from blogging regularly here because I was attempting to reach my first milestone at eHow. I wanted to write 100 eHow How to’s within 30 days. I managed to get it done with 5 days to spare. Here’s my eHow experiment. I’m going to track how money grows and how long it [...]


Earning Money with Performancing Ads

In my usual daily Internet wanderings, I came across an ad network website called Performancing Ads. After reviewing the site, I decided to give it a try. I submitted my information and was immediately accepted. I don’t think that their criterion was too stringent so approval was quick. Performancing Ads displays small 125 x 125 [...]

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Quite by accident I inadvertently conducted a blog vs. website experiment. In an earlier post I mentioned how I converted my website into a blog. In addition to the blog being easier to update daily, and having a more intuitive navigation I felt the interactivity with the readers would be a good thing. I don’t [...]


Earning Money as an Amazon.com Affiliate

Bloggers and webmasters alike can earn internet income as an Amazon affiliate. The up side is that Amazon is well known and a widely used website for shopping. As a blogger, you don’t have to spend time building affiliate credibility. That being said, you still have to do your work if you want to make [...]