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Ebook Experiment Time

I’ve had an idea roaming around in my head for over a year and it wasn’t until Ken’s unfortunate AdSense situation that I realized it was time for me to stop thinking and start doing (sorry for that extremely long sentence). About Writing Books I’ve found that my book’s audience is folks who are just [...]


The Learning Never Stops

I’m currently knee-deep in a ton of projects. Actually it’s more like neck deep, and I’m a pretty tall gal. That means there are lots of layers of projects keeping me busy. Anyway, between learning more about consolidating blogs, formatting ebooks for a professional look, formatting books for Kindle and PubIt, I’m also learning quite [...]


Experiment with Ad Placement

I’ve read over and over on the internet that you should play around with your ad placements, size, color, etc for maximum return. I guess if you read something enough times eventually it will sink in. Abandoning a Blog One of my newly created blogs has been taking quite a long time to get off [...]


Okay, I finally made it.  I finally earned $20,000 in residual income this year.  When I went to bed last night I was 26 cents away from my milestone.  When I woke up this morning, I had surpassed it! Of course after a momentary celebration, I had to take a more detailed look at how [...]


Things One of My Blogs Taught Me

I decided to truly analyze one of my blogs that started earning money from the first month of being on the web. That surprised me because it doesn’t get a lot of traffic. Since it consistently earns money each month, I decided to see what I had done differently on that blog that I had [...]


Choosing the Write Path

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the month of August is a month of reflection and re-evaluation. If you don’t take time to look at where you’ve been, you’re bound to make a few errors in judgment going forward. So, in order to plan for the future, you must take the past into consideration. [...]


Google for Domains…Who Knew?

This may be old hat for a lot of you, but for some reason I was totally oblivious to Google for Domains. Apparently the feature has been available for awhile and the link has been on my Google AdSense account, but I never paid it any mind. Yesterday, I decided to look into it. I [...]


iNJFM: Monetizing a Blog with Zazzle

I recently received an email from a writer asking for advice on how to earn money from her own writing site. I probably should have answered, “When I start making money from my site, I’ll let you know.” :) Don’t get me wrong, I do earn some money here, but just about all of my [...]


Infolinks Blog of the Month for December 2009

A few days ago I received the following email from the folks at Infolinks: Congratulations! We looked, we read, we browsed and we loved it. The Infolinks team chose your blog as the blog of the month for December 2009! Since we liked it so much, here is a $200 bonus and a nice shiny [...]


Let’s Get Rid of Those Dreaded Belly Fat Ads!

Over the past week or so I had been watching my Google AdSense income for one of my sites slowly decline. First it was barely noticeable until finally, the ad revenue reached an all time low. The drop was so severe I had to check to see if my website was still online. I navigated [...]