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Tennessee Tuxedo Strikes!

The old schoolers know who Tennessee Tuxedo is.  For you young folks, Tennessee Tuxedo is the penguin in the old cartoon of the same name who had the sidekick Chumley.  Google’s latest Penguin algorithm change brought the old character to mind. This penguin algorithm change is supposed to weed out web spam. How Penguin Affected [...]


November Traffic Down 17%

It’s the end of the month and time for me to look at what I did during the month and how I can improve on things going forward. In reviewing my numbers I see that my overall traffic is down. I did a quick analysis of my top 6 sites and have found an average [...]


Playing Around with AdSense

About two weeks ago I made a small change on one of my blogs. I changed one of the Google AdSense ad block size from 300×250 to 336×280. I had always shied away from large AdSense blocks because I never wanted them to take up too much of the screen real estate. However, the change [...]


A Few Mouse Clicks to 62% AdSense Earnings Increase

Maybe it’s a bit early to share my latest discovery, but a few clicks in my Google AdSense interface resulted in a 62% earnings increase. If you’re an AdSense publisher, I’m sure you’re familiar with the warning atop of your AdSense account. The warning tells you that your ads are displaying on unauthorized sites. The [...]


The Learning Never Stops

I’m currently knee-deep in a ton of projects. Actually it’s more like neck deep, and I’m a pretty tall gal. That means there are lots of layers of projects keeping me busy. Anyway, between learning more about consolidating blogs, formatting ebooks for a professional look, formatting books for Kindle and PubIt, I’m also learning quite [...]


I’m Back and on a Mission!

There’s something to be said for adversity. Personally, I don’t like facing too much adversity at one time, but every time I do I come out on the other end stronger. The power outage was an inconvenience and an experience to learn from. There were several action items I took away from the experience. I’ve [...]


I Thought So

Being the numbers junkie that I am, I keep close track of my earnings, and to a lesser degree my page views. I especially keep track of my Google earnings to get an indication if Panda is morphing into a kinder or meaner type of animal. According to my numbers, somewhere around September 22nd, things [...]


Thanks Google AdSense Team

Yesterday I received an email from the Google AdSense team. The email advised that I was under utilizing ad space on my site. Apparently they had gone though one of my sites and noted that I was only using two Google ad units when I could actually use three. In their email they included the [...]


What a Difference a Year Makes

I normally don’t post proof of my income. I don’t really think it’s necessary because you guys know that I shoot from the hip and tell you like it is. However, I think that showing you a screen clip of my earnings will help you see what making a few adjustments can do. Below I’m [...]


Backing Up a Bit

I realized that my last post might be a bit discouraging to a newbie.  I feel I need to back it up a bit for folks who don’t know my story. My last post talks about my shock and weak-kneed reaction to earning over $100 in one day with Google AdSense. What some of you [...]