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Since I’m no longer actively blogging, I think it’s time for me to convert some of my old blogs into static HTML websites. Why convert them instead of taking them down? Well, for the most part, a lot of the information on the various blogs is still relevant and continues to be helpful to some [...]

WP-Json Invite

The more I fumfer around with my blogs the more I learn about things I wish I didn’t need to learn. This time I learned about WordPress’ wp-json exploit. The wp-json security hole has been around since WordPress version 4.7.0 (circa February, 2017).  Actually, I’m surprised the programmers hadn’t fixed it in the subsequent updates [...]


Blogs: Cleaning, Combining and Redirecting

Filing System

Boy, it’s been forever since I’ve written here on NJFM. The site is mostly dead. I checked my stats and found that I get an average of 3 or 4 visits a day. That’s okay because except for the motivational posts, the rest of the stuff is pretty much outdated. The Internet kept evolving while [...]


Temporarily Deactivating CommentLuv

The amount of spam this blog has been getting is truly outrageous! It is my belief that the CommentLuv plugin is a magnet for spammers. They want backlinks and CommentLuv provides such links. I’m running an experiment for a bit. I have deactivated CommentLuv and am monitoring my spam count. If I find there’s a [...]


I can’t believe this wasn’t on my list of favorite WordPress plugins (I’ve since modified the list to include it). I first installed the Limit Login Attempts plugin some time ago but after forgetting my password a couple of times I disabled it. You see, with so many blogs I don’t always update all of [...]


WordPress Plugin: Broken Link Checker

While I’m contemplating my direction for the next 5 years of my online journey, I decided to play around behind the scenes on a few of my blogs. In doing so I happened upon the plug-in called Broken Link Checker. If you have a WordPress blog and are not already using this plugin, I strongly [...]


Knee Deep in Redirects

Oh boy, I’m busier than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs! My desire to upgrade my Tidbits site has taught me another valuable lesson. Here’s the lesson: When converting a site from Joomla to WordPress (or changing platforms), do not change the category structure or the file naming convention. In other [...]


Ready, Aim…Shoot Self in the Foot!

From time to time I experiment with different plugins to enhance my blog’s functionality (functionality…such a tech writing word).  Anyway, I use a plugin that is supposed to help detect hack attacks. After having a couple of my blogs hacked some time ago, I’m a bit sensitive to hacking. The plugin I use is called [...]


Another Cool Plugin – DataFeedr Random Ad

One of the things I love about WordPress is if you can imagine it, you can have it. A couple of days ago Kristine’s comment got me to thinking. Her comment was in response to my post about the 3% increase in revenue as a result of making a few changes to my Google AdSense [...]


Another Plugin to Add to the List

As an addendum to My Favorite WordPress Plugins list, I just came across one called WP-CopyProtect. The purpose of this plugin is to make it harder for plagiarists to copy and paste your content. While on the topic of plagiarism, if you have your blog’s RSS feed set to “Full Text” I would suggest that [...]