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Thesis 2.1 Page Numbering

(Warning: If you don’t use Thesis WordPress theme, ignore this post) This post reminds me of why I originally created NJFM. NJFM serves as my memory. I know there are programs like Evernote and a host of other apps and software programs that could remind me of missed appointments and the like, but none of [...]


Temporarily Deactivating CommentLuv

The amount of spam this blog has been getting is truly outrageous! It is my belief that the CommentLuv plugin is a magnet for spammers. They want backlinks and CommentLuv provides such links. I’m running an experiment for a bit. I have deactivated CommentLuv and am monitoring my spam count. If I find there’s a [...]


Working Retail is Like Blogging

Let me begin this post by saying, “I love growing older!” Being there’s not much I can do about growing older I might as well embrace it. My alternative is to die (I’m not quite ready for that yet). This growing older revelation has done much to help me find joy at a minimum-wage, part-time [...]


Could it be the Theme Change?

Yesterday I noticed a significant increase in traffic after changing one of my blog’s theme to Thesis. This particular blog used to be one of my money making blogs, but after several Google algorithm changes my income was reduced to a trickle. Sunday night I converted the blog to Thesis and on Monday my traffic [...]


And the Internet Moved On…

While I was busy not doing anything online, the Internet kept evolving. The other day I was browsing around (when I really should have been doing homework) and I discovered my sites are dinosaurs. I sort of knew they were dinosaurs, but didn’t want to take the time to bring them up to date. They [...]



If you come to NJFM the week after Christmas and it’s not here, it’s not because I took NJFM down. Well, I probably inadvertently took it down. Solostream updated the theme I’m using and I intend to install the new and improved version. The upgrade should happen without a hitch, but I’ve learned from experience [...]


I can’t believe this wasn’t on my list of favorite WordPress plugins (I’ve since modified the list to include it). I first installed the Limit Login Attempts plugin some time ago but after forgetting my password a couple of times I disabled it. You see, with so many blogs I don’t always update all of [...]


New Infolinks Graphic: The Mind of a Blogger

I’m a big fan of Infolinks. I use them on just about all of my money making blogs. Recently they sent out a newsletter spreading the news about a new graphic  they created on the mind of a blogger. The graphic was well done and well thought out (well, mostly well thought out). It is [...]



Over the past few days I noticed my Google earnings had dropped significantly. I couldn’t figure out why the drop, but I know the Internet is a fickle beast so I didn’t lose much sleep over it. Knowing that I can’t control Google, I continued on doing what I do, playing around behind the scenes [...]


WordPress Plugin: Broken Link Checker

While I’m contemplating my direction for the next 5 years of my online journey, I decided to play around behind the scenes on a few of my blogs. In doing so I happened upon the plug-in called Broken Link Checker. If you have a WordPress blog and are not already using this plugin, I strongly [...]