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I’ll Probably Hate Myself in the Morning

Ok, I admit it. I’m releasing a half-baked blog interface. I was quite tired of the old blog interface and knew that I needed something different. I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for so I spent time visiting other blogs in an attempt to get some ideas for my new WordPress theme. I [...]


Peek-A-Boo, I’m back (for now)

I woke up this morning to find that my site was nowhere to be found. Imagine my shock when I typed in my URL and found a blank white page. I’ve got to say, a white page is a nice place to start, but since I’ve been blogging here for a couple of years, a [...]


Temporary Outage

I apologize, but I have to temporarily close comments on this blog.  Apparently I spoke too soon when I thought the hacker problem was resolved…it’s not. So, while I troubleshoot the problems with my hosting company, I’ve got to do some pretty funky things here. BTW, I’ve not been able to receive comments for the [...]


Into Each Life a Little Rain…

The past three days were a bit of an online challenge for me. A bored ne’er do well decided to test the security on my blogs. Apparently this person had a pretty good time inserting links for one of the well known male enhancement drugs (I hesitate to use such words on this blog for [...]


An Intervention Post

Please bear with me, but I feel it necessary to write this post. I started this blog with one goal in mind; to share my experiences in my transition from working a traditional job to being a work at home mom. I remembered what it was like having to leave my kids when they were [...]


My 200th Post

This is my 200th blog post and it saddens me that the topic couldn’t be something more inspiring or thought provoking.  Instead it has to be about spam and CAPTCHA. Some time ago I wrote a post  about CAPTCHA boxes and how annoying I found them to be.  Unfortunately, because No Job for Mom has [...]


The Dreaded WordPress Upgrade

Ever since I started this blog a year ago, I’ve been using the same word press version of software. (I think).  I can’t even tell you which version it is because I don’t know where to look for it.  I might have upgraded it once when it was an easy automatic upgrade but when WordPress [...]

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